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    Wanted FS 184 shaft

    Works fine. Removed from assembly & lampholders to take this photo. Email if interested.
  2. fyrboy

    Wanted Federal Model 11 gear

    Please email me at Thanks.
  3. fyrboy

    Wanted Federal Model 11 gear

  4. fyrboy

    Wanted Federal Q pedestal and housing

    I may have access to these if you want me to ask, but I have a dented motor cover with not-so-great chrome.
  5. fyrboy

    Wanted Federal Model 19 Lens

    I've seen only one clear 18/19 lens, so I don't know how available they are, but I have a red & amber, as shown. Please contact me at if interested. Thanks.
  6. fyrboy

    Wanted Federal Model 11 gear

  7. fyrboy

    Wanted Whelen Edge 1985 Power Supply

    Posted wrong model.
  8. fyrboy

    Wanted Aerodynic (Aerotwinsonic) 4 conducter power cable

    I have a cable approximately 12' long in fine condition that has the conductors you want. Sorry for the upside-down photos of the tape measure. You're welcome to make an offer at if you wish. I don't monitor this site for messages. Money-back guarantee, less shipping, if...
  9. fyrboy

    Wanted Aerodynic parts

    If you're still looking for the 5-dome straps, I have two, undamaged, but they're attached to their domes. If somebody can tell me how to remove them without damaging them or their domes, I'll do so. If interested, email me at I don't monitor this site for messages.
  10. fyrboy

    Wanted Streethawk Rotator Fast assembly

    Don't know if they are center rotators, but I have two model 8422B436B that rotate approximately 100 times each and work fine. Each requires 3 mounting screws. One, dated 5/95, has the rectangular bulb. The year of the other is 1987, and the month appears to be 12. It has the round bulb. No...
  11. fyrboy

    Wanted Alley Lights for Smith and Wesson 8884

    Here's what I salvaged from a trashed 8884. If interested in any of it, please email me at I no longer have the base or emblems.
  12. fyrboy

    Wanted Incomplete/Parts Lightbars

    I may be able to help if you'd like to email me at
  13. fyrboy

    Wanted Federal signal jet series mini lightbar mounting feet

    These? If so, please email me at
  14. fyrboy

    Wanted Streethawk parts

    Can provide 3 used lens.

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