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    Wanted Multiple Lights **Updated**

    I have an Apollo 400 in Red/Blue - NIB
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    For Sale Feniex Apollo 400 Red/Blue Dual Color

    Yes, it's still available. These are not designed for windshield mounting and do not have a flashback shield available.
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    For Sale Feniex Apollo 400 Red/Blue Dual Color

    Qty: 1 Feniex Apollo F6 (NOT THE NEW MODULES) in DUAL COLOR Red/Blue. Manufactured in 2015, never mounted, used, BRAND NEW. $150.00 shipped in the contiguous United States. Please keep in mind these are the "old" modules before Feniex introduced the "F12" modules. That is why it is discounted...
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    For Sale Feniex Apollo F6 - Blue/Amber

    Qty: 9 Available: Feniex Industries Apollo F6 (These are NOT the new modules) Manufacturer date of 2015 $45.00 Shipped to the Contiguous United States. Shipping by USPS or UPS Price Lowered: $40.00 SHIPPED to Contiguous United States
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    does the market really need another beacon?

    Feniex already has lightheads designed for surface mount applications on apparatus.  WideLux lights are available in the following sizes: 6x4 9x7 7x3
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    2015 Ford F-350 by 911 Emergency Supply, LLC.

    Its very functional there....LOL That picture was during the build obviously, used to show where we mounted the electronics and cable management. I'll upload some more soon.
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    2015 Ford F-350 by 911 Emergency Supply, LLC.

    I will upload a picture of the final wiring. Didn't make a video. (Yet)
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    2015 Ford F-350 by 911 Emergency Supply, LLC.

    2015 Ford F-350 Crew Cab upfitting by 911 Emergency Supply for the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Department in Newtown, CT. This vehicle will be used primarily by their officers for incident command, administrative tasks, training, and medical calls in their district. This department is one of 5...
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    Wanted Havis Faceplate

    I have a few used available.

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