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    TM4 Futura tone?

    Was looking a data sheet by Federal. Noticed there was an option for adding the Futura tone from the Delta to the TM4. It's the option "UOP32". Has anyone actually have a TM4 with this option or am I just misunderstanding something?
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    Listing from about 2 months ago. Ludricious price for just a set. Same seller sold another set for $650.
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    Wanted Smart Siren SS2000 LMS

    Anyone? Will pay for a full set. I don’t mind having an extra controller.
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    Code 3 Deckblaster - New Life

    Great job! There’s actually a NOS halogen Deckblaster like this on eBay right now!
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    Smart Siren Platinum discontinued?

    They recently started pushing out videos for the Pathfinder. Around this time the Platinum disappeared. It is very possible that they integrated everything into the Pathfinder.
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    Smart Siren Platinum discontinued?

    Looking around Federal Signal's website today, noticed the Platinum series is gone. Only the Pathfinder is visible. Apparently Federal Signal discontinued it. Any opinions or thoughts on it?
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    Wanted Smart Siren SS2000 LMS

    UPDATE: Found controller. Just need amplifier! It should have the label “SS2000-LMS”.
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    Wanted Smart Siren SS2000 LMS

    Looking for a Federal Signal Smart Siren LMS. No cables are required. Just looking for brain and controller. It sounds exactly like the normal SS2000 but with a different sounding airhorn.
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    Odd siren on an ambulance

    To me it sounds like a Code 3. The SP can't really do the wail that fast. It's extremely weird.
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    Wanted Red Plastic Slider Switch Tabs

    Anyone? I’m fine with 3D printed or third party. Black or red just in this specific shape is fine.
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    Odd siren on an ambulance

    The thing is, it has a very odd "pop" sound to it. That's why I asked my original question. I'm wondering what model the siren is.
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    Odd siren on an ambulance

    That's odd. The link I provided automatically gives puts you at the specified timestamp. The first one is at 22:16. The second is at 16:07.
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    Odd siren on an ambulance

    This has been bugging me for awhile. I found a video of a compilation of emergency vehicles on 9/11, there is this one ambulance that has the most odd siren I've ever heard. It makes this "pop" sound. It's extremely hard to describe. You need to listen to it to know what I'm talking about...
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    SP Mark 7 Wail Issue

    I managed to get in contact. He’s really busy and he’s only available in January. Time to play the waiting game!
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    SP Mark 7 Wail Issue

    Thank you. I'll attempt to contact him tomorrow.

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