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    Wanted Red Plastic Slider Switch Tabs

    I’m in need of several of these switch tabs. Preferably in a good condition. PM me offers and how many you have. Photos of what I’m looking for:
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    Dates of Mfg for a few Siren/controllers

    Mastercom is around the early to mid 90s Mastercom B is late 90s to mid 2000s. Smart siren is also early 90s can’t say exactly when. Probably 92’. PA400 probably early 2000s. Siracoms were made around the 80s. Touchmaster late 80s. The 80ks also were in the 80s probably mid 80s. The Omegas came...
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    SFPD cars

    Even if they did it looks pretty good to me. I don’t know maybe it’s just me.
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    SFPD cars

    Was looking around the internet. Saw some beautiful SFPD cars. These light look like Edge 9000s. I’ve seen these oldies still in service specifically the ones with steel wheels. Many old E series and Tahoe’s too. A lot of SFPD cars are 10 years old or older. But now they are switching over...
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    Wanted LAFD Motorola Siren Amplifier

    Looking for a former LAFD Motorola unit. Preferably one that is working and has a broken wail. PM me offers thanks.
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    LAFD sirens

    After awhile of watching some response videos, I noticed the LAFD wail is a little more broken and screechy compared to a normal model of the Spectra. Anyone know why is this? Did they special order the amplifers from Motorola or are they broken?
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    Scientific Prototypes Mark 10?

    2 things. No, CHP doesn't use these things in their blackbox. They are made by Whelen and that's all everyone knows. Sounds pretty similar though. Yes Mark 10s can appear on the market and go for around $500-600. $300 if you're lucky. (This is assuming it's working)
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    What siren controller to buy??

    You would like the Unitrol Touchmaster. It’s reliable and has all the tones you like. SSP3000 also has Unitrol tones + Smart Siren tones so you if you want something new that’s your best bet. SS2000 is also a reliable controller with all the functions for lighting and siren you need.
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    Code3 Model 3600 remote siren manual/wiring

    Yes it’s the best idea to contact Code 3. They gave me an old installation manual for a siren that was out of production for over 18 years.
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    Code3 Model 3600 remote siren manual/wiring

    All I know it is a remote Vcon and is extremely rare. I don't have a diagram for it but I have a pretty basic understanding on how to wire it. (Connecting the control head and powering it on). I drew some basic areas on where to wire and put in the cable. I don't know what the 2nd auxillary...
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    CHP Siren Tones

    I don’t think they chose their sirens cause of other sirens not meeting requirements. It’s probably to meet the law while having a distinct unique sound people can recognize easily. Because there are a lot of sirens that meet Title 13 requirements. CHP used to use Federal Signals before they...
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    CHP Siren Tones

    I believe so. If I do remember correctly, CHP contracted with Whelen to make their own special tones. So you’ll only hear these specific tones on CHP vehicles and not any other department or Whelen product. The Gamma 2 Yelp has a different pitch to the one used in CHP vehicles. But they sound...
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    Wanted Motorola Systems 9000 cables

    No. It’s like the mobile radio unit. The brick to this cable: Like I said i’m not familiar with Motorola’s so the “CPU” you’re referring to might be the XTL5000 brick.
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    Wanted Motorola Systems 9000 cables

    Hello. I’m in need of several cables for the Motorola I own. I’m gonna need the DEK cable that plugs into the radio controller and DEK (both sides of this cable need to be female) A radio connecter, connecting the motorola XTL5000 brick to the control unit A power cable for the XTL5000 brick...
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    Systems 9000 wiring?

    Anyone know how to wire up a Motorola Spectra to the DEK? This includes the radio and siren since you need both to use the siren.

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