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    Speaker location on 2016 Ford Escape

    Drumdude, We did an Escape a year or so ago. If I remember correctly we had to mount UNDER the bumper and fab custom brackets. Ken, EVT-C Great Lakes Upfitting
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    Hmm... Guess it would depend on what functionality you wanted. If just going for the rear warning, I would probably go with adding a single color amber (#ELUC3H010A) into the blinker area. That would give you more warning power/surface area. But...if a goal is to also increase backup...
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    2013 Ford Explorer - Amber Outfit

    Vpogv, For amber jobs, I'm always a fan of Amber HAW's in the clear reverse light area. If you want to get really slick, totally replace the factory reverse lamp, install an Amber/White HAW that will do a white steady burn on a reverse trigger. Our customer's love how much more they are able...
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    Tahoe Setup Ideas

    Oh that's a good one! I could definitely picture cutting down the edge of a single & dual, attaching them back together would be interesting. I like the idea though! Let me know if you come up with something, I'd love to see it!
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    2011 Acadia

    Hmm.. good question! My chart shows the headlights are pos-switched. I'd have to dig a little for the DRL's! I'll dig and see what I can find.
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    Tahoe Setup Ideas

    Hey John, Are you using the SOS Tahoe Rear Interior LB for the upper? I think I would roll with 4" mpowers in a dual windshield shroud for the lower rear glass warning. Personally, I think the mpower punch through better than the nForce...and can't beat the ease of installation with that...
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    Wanted K9 Insert Interceptor Utility

    Hey TactMedic, I might have a source for you... Are you looking for a full insert or half (half K9/half prisoner)? Ken, EVT-C
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    2011 Acadia

    Hey StEaLtH2, Nice vehicle! Just thinking here...If that universal ILB didn't fit, I would try a dual mpower windshield shroud. We use them often, quick and easy install. You could do one in the middle behind the mirror, or two on each side that will sort of give it that ILB look. 2 dual...
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    Whelen light bars

    Sgtplowdriver, I have a 48" SoundOff Signal Pinnacle (EPL9000) lightbar I could part with to help you. All Amber LED/Clear Lens, Takedowns, Alleys and Rear Arrow with Controller. Only used it for demo's so it's practically new. Since you are plowing, I could move the takedowns to the rear...
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    Wanted Handheld Siren w switching

    No problem. Sorry I didn't see this post earlier! Hopefully, we can help next time you have equipment needs.
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    Wanted Handheld Siren w switching

    We could help you with a Soundoff Handheld #ETSA461HPP or Feniex Typhoon HH if you are interested. I don't believe I have any used or clearance on the shelf. Send a message my way if interested and I can help you out with some pricing. Ken, EVT-C
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    federal smart siren 2013 ford utility

    Big Mike, No question is a dumb question! :) Take the RED wire off PIN6 on the 12-pin connector. Wire to a run/start lead capable of supplying 20 amps (PIN 7 or 14) off the 14-pin upfitter harness in the console. If you need further info let me know and I can send you the full...

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