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    2017 Tahoe SSV / PPV speaker FYI

    Will this bracket fit on a 2017 Silverado as well? Where would I be able to find it?
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    Strobes N More Free Shipping Code

    Do we still have a valid free shipping code?
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    good to hear. i've always had an obsession with lights and i think now that i found this place my tahoe might eventually be a christmas tree.. hopefully it stays classy and not ridiculous like i've seen a couple vehicles.
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    thanks. yeah i'll try to update it periodically and take pictures with each step or two. i'm sure i'll change the flash patterns over and over and over again. do people ever run the pattern select wires to a common and easily accessible location then label them for easy pattern changes later...
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    well it looks like i'll be starting the install tomorrow morning... still havent made up my mind on exactly where everything is going and how its going to flash but i think it'll all come together once I start
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    anyone know how difficult is it to wire the lights and siren to go off with the vehicles factory alarm?
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    It's gonna be interesting syncing all 6 lights. Anyone done something like it before?
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    If I have to do a pair in each DRL's or 2 right next to eachother on the bumper.. wouldnt it make more sense to just get a solid color HAW later on down the road? Also, why do you say no wheel wells? i'm not looking for primary or even secondary light output from these necessarily.. they were...
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    How about two under the mirrors and 1 in each wheel well?
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    Split Blue/red
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    2013 Tahoe PPV Install Tomorrow

    Tomorrow's the big day. I'll start the Light/siren install on my 2013 Tahoe PPV. These are the Plans... any tips and/or suggestions welcome HLF/TLF Strobes n' More E48- front grill RRRRBBBB SNM E48- rear window RRRRBBBB SNM E44 Rear Tow Hitch area RRBB SNM E6- 2 on each running board...

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