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    Wanted FedSig Pathfinder with 17 Button Controller I MU768

    Looking for pricing for now on the new Pathfinder with the 17 button controller.
  2. GranPrix

    Wanted Whelen 500 series TA extrusion

    I'm looking for an 8 head 500 series TA extrusion housing.
  3. GranPrix

    FHP Code 3 Javelin

    You guys would have a heart attack if you would see how much FHP throws out...
  4. GranPrix

    So FHP finally ditched Code3...

    They still use amber
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    For Sale Preowned Feniex Hammer Siren Subwoofer [No Longer Available]

    Do you know how many hours of use? Anymore pics?
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    For Sale Whelen 600 B/A $75

    Price drop $75 each
  7. GranPrix

    I tinted my Libby.

    No, I just like the black on black look. My patrol car is all black with subdued graphics
  8. GranPrix

    I tinted my Libby.

    Yup, posted same time I think
  9. GranPrix

    I tinted my Libby.

    Cruise mode. 1 has the tint, 2 does not.
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    I tinted my Libby.

    So I added the VViViD+ headlight Smoke Light vinyl. It’s time consuming and easy to install compared to using a spray which may or may not have an even spread and god forbid it’s humid! Also if I don’t like it I can peel it off. I mainly did it because I think it looks great with a black car and...
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    Wanted 54" Liberty lens kit

    Looking for a Clear 54" Liberty lens kit.
  12. GranPrix

    So FHP finally ditched Code3...

    Funny you mentioned that, there's an ex MCCO I run into all the time that transitioned over and kept his Vic like most of them did but his Vic got repainted to Black n Tan but kept the all blue Whelen lighting package. He's still using it.

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