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    4500 Rota-Beam

    Thanks Pete (though credit is to Whelen not me). I don't know if the simulated LED rotator is necessarily more effective than a bar with just flashing LEDs, but it's certainly prettier. That's particularly the case with the patterns that roll the light back and forth like the geared AeroDynics...
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    Wanted StarBar frame

    Bump. Still need frame for 48" StarBar. Needs to not have any busted off or stuck screws.
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    Wanted mini Edge 9000

  4. gtpts27

    Positive purchase Rescue 1

    Picked up a mini Edge from @Rescue 1. Good communication and good transaction. Thanks!
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    4500 Rota-Beam

    Another entry in my quest to establish LED lights as collectibles... A 4500 Rota-Beam I built from parts I purchased mostly used (ie at a significant discount to new) over a couple years.
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    CIE Blue StreetHawk and ViewPoints

    Thanks for all the info!
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    So I missed my Strobehawk

    Well now I feel bad... but glad you were able to grab another.
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    CIE Blue StreetHawk and ViewPoints

    It's an abbreviation of the French name of a color standardizing body.
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    CIE Blue StreetHawk and ViewPoints

    Two of the "European" C. I. E. Blue bars in my collection.
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    Lowmarked MN State Patrol SUV

    I know Georgia has a similar law. In Virginia, on the other hand, it seems like close to half the state police cars are unmarked (doubt it's actually half but it's a significant percentage).
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    Lowmarked MN State Patrol SUV

    Assume this is the least marked a MN police cruiser can be if primarily a traffic unit? ...And I need to mention that what we all really want to see is the video of you doing something crazy on his dash cam.
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    Purple Mini Vector and Edge

    The two funeral service bars in my collection. Federal Signal mini/3-Pod Vector and Whelen Edge mini. Haven't ever actually seen a purple Vector in service but what else would purple Vector domes be used for? And, assuming they were only used in funeral service, I'd think they would be on a mini.
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    Federal IVP SLR Pod tear down

    True. We'll pay $250 for a class to learn something and think nothing of it. But we won't risk damaging a $100 item even though taking it apart will often teach more than a class would... or at least that's how I justify the above risk taking to myself...
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    Premium Vision documentation?

    @adamogden has a great youtube video here: And this is the manual with pattern info in page 2-12 (link taken from adam's above video's description section):
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    Federal IVP SLR Pod tear down

    There's a fine line between bravery and stupidity...

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