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    ISO pics/vids of AeroDynics in service

    Looking for pics or vids of the following AeroDynics in service/mounted on vehicles: Model 24 Model 25 Model 24MEAH-TT Model 24EAH-TT Model 24S Thanks!
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    Wanted Tomar 925 name plates

  3. gtpts27

    Code 3 Force 4 LP with Stingrays

    Will probably sell this bar but the Stingrays are definitely cool units.
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    AeroDynic ADL48

    That's my next bar to refurbish. The AD48 I have is complete but pretty dirty. I am actually using the same color scheme you have on yours (though with alleys/cutout inserts). That setup was used by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, the neighboring county to the one I grew up in...
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    AeroDynic ADL48

    Fairly uncommon model. Finally got around to reassembling after disassembling for cleaning. Can't decide whether I'll keep this one or not.
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    Dutch AeroDynic 24SHSP

    I think you should buy it. I think you could easily trade it for a 24EAH.
  7. gtpts27

    Wanted Denver PD Freedom

    Still looking
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    LED McDermott riser bar

    Not a bad idea. I could justify it to my wife by putting rags on each arm so they'd wash the windows each time I raised and lowered them...
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    LED McDermott riser bar

    My wife's out if town this week so I would have the time... hmm
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    Dutch AeroDynic 24SHSP

    Yep. Working on lining up a deal for one now. Already have a PA200E but not one with the stop sign switch.
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    Dutch AeroDynic 24SHSP

    Pickles and Rodeo don't yet have the discipline to carry a film like Walter can. They seem most interested in being mere "Extras" who walk through the scene to make the background more interesting. And, believe it or not, my collection has actually shrunk considerably... though, to my wife's...
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    Dutch AeroDynic 24SHSP

    Bought this one and the others from a Dutch seller on Facebook who was unloading his stash. He had several for sale but they were snapped up quickly. I know a couple of other guys who've recently gotten one too, but they were secretive about their source.
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    Dutch AeroDynic 24SHSP

    Dutch AeroDynic 24SHSP with new domes. Though traditionally rare here, a number of them have entered the US in the past few weeks. Glad to have landed one (and a couple more that are soon to be shipped to two other ELB members... hopefully Monday Tony!).
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    LED McDermott riser bar

    Fortunately the later prototypes and current production bars are synced. While I know LEDs turn some off regardless, the synced pattern improves the look considerably.

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