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    What's this worth?

    I noticed an Amber lense on the back side.
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    What's this worth?

    So I am attending the law enforcement academy once again and noticed this in their vehicle garage. I was going to see if I could acquire it. I'm just curious what's it worth in case they ask me a price or something. Also any information on it would be great.
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    Look what I found at the city shop

    Ok perfect I'll take a picture and post it this weekend.
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    Look what I found at the city shop

    How can you tell the date?
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    Look what I found at the city shop

    So I was at our city shop waiting for my cruiser to get done, when I stumbled on to this, a Federal Signal Twin Sonic 12. I asked the shop manager what the story was on it, and he said it's been collecting dust for over 20 years. I asked him if I could have it and he said sure. I took it home...
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    Wanted WTB PAR46 RED

    I know you're looking for 4 but I have one.
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    Smart siren b series

    Does anyone have a copy of it? Also does it take a special software cable? Like I said I've been out of the smart siren game for a while. I usually only use Whelen sirens.
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    Smart siren b series

    That's for the SM series, I tried that and it didn't work.
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    Smart siren b series

    I have been assigned a patrol car, the only thing I don't like is on the keypad it's programmed for high low instead of priority tone. How do I change that? On the keypad or software. I've been out of the game for a while.
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    ERM founder and owner, Tony Mourgis, has passed

    RIP Tony, glad I got to know you and test your products.
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    2018 Dodge Chargers

    Ok I have been tasked with doing a fleet install on 11 Dodge Chargers for our department. First these are not police package so I have run into multiple issues with fitment and placement of equipment. Second yes the products are STL, not by my choice. Anyways here are some pictures of the first...
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    Wanted 2018 Dodge Charger light bar straps

    I am in need of 6 sets of light bar mounting straps that will fit a 2018 Dodge charger. The brand does not matter.
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    2018 Dodge Charger light bar brackets

    Ok so I am going to be starting to install on 7 new Dodge Charges. I have 4 Sound Off ETL5000 and 2 Code 3 LEDX 2100 to install. These are used light bars and came with light bar mouting brackets that come off of 2011 Chevy Tahoes. My question is will the brackets still work to mount them? I...
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    Whelen, SoundOff, D&R

    Added a Galls interior visor light bar to the auction.

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