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    2015 Tahoe

    Hmm If that's a PPV it would be the first time GM would have "Body color - painted" door handles and mirror caps on a Police Pkg. Tahoe. Awaiting more pics . Thanks for the updates sir.
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    Liberty Lin6's vs Lin9's

    You beat me to a comparison video lol... :D  The 2 "Spot" optics and the "Chrome" housings on the all new LIN9's make a big difference. :jawdrop:   Each light head is 50 % brighter than a LIN6 .  :lightbulb:
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    Get the popcorn ready folks... What in the world is this ?  :popcorn:
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    New Toy

    Nice and rare bar. Reminds of the FHP. I like the idea of the sweepers on the ends , it looks cool. 
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    IL state police lightbars

    It appears they are using the new Whelen Liberty.  :popo:
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    NEW Version * 2014 WHELEN Liberty SX ~> VIDEO Update !

    Yes! There is mass confusion going on right now... The statement above a way to sum it up ,the TD and Alley light options differ slightly as well. Also these Lightbars come direct from the Whelen factory as shown , we do not add these modules. 
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    NYS Parole VS Local Police Mis-Communication ? :popcorn:
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    HA ! Imagine that ... :popcorn:
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    2015 Chevy Tahoe police package equipment.

    I'm still waiting on this 2015 Tahoe PPV.  :popcorn:
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    2014 Utility Garden Ridge Police-

    This is Texas and we "mostly" use "split" on everything. I'm a big fan of splits! Splits are very effective for side/intersection warning as you get maximum visibility with both colors showing.  :popo:
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread :popcorn:   :popcorn:   :popcorn:
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    2015 Yukon Denali Install

    Someone has a lot of money.  :popcorn:
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    Whelen Liberty II

    The Liberty's I've been selling have these "Liberty II " Modules.  :bonk:
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    TIR-3's added to gaps in 54" Liberty

    Did you get that Idea from the CHP Liberty's? :popo:   I did  :haha:
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    2015 Tahoe

    Anything on the 2015 Tahoe PPV yet? Any on the ground?  :undecided:

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