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    Beacon Ray Oscillating

    Thanks for the info. Listing has it at 350, didn't realize these were fetching lower prices.
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    Beacon Ray Oscillating

    All, Entertaining a Beacon Ray posted locally. Model 17 manufactured in '63 with glass red dome. Seller claims it oscillates, but was this an option on the 17? Not seeing it in the Beacon Ray guide here on eLightbars. Also, fair condition - where would you value this? Thanks
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    Is eLightbars dying out?

    There just doesn't seem to be nearly as much traffic or activity on here as there was 15, 10, or even 5 years ago. Where has everyone gone? Is it a lack of interest or another platform?
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    SWS - Star Warning Systems

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is any affiliation between Star Warning Systems (SWS) of Ontario, Canada, and Star/SVP? They both seem to have offices in New York state.
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    Mars Lights and The Chicago FD

    Anyone know if Mars products were distributed up in Canada?
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    Hello from the west coast of Canada

    Unlisted, aren't you ex-Ontario or am I imagining things? I just moved out to the LML about 18 months ago.
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    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    Not downplaying your find, but what exactly is it about the AB that makes it the centerpiece of a collection? I love this light too, but is the demand artificially inflated or is there a quantified reasoning behind this piece?
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    Fed Sig MML1-FD

    Interesting light, but what is the practical purpose in the moving cover? Is this just a steady burn?
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    Update Me on the Trade

    Thank you both for your responses. Firehawk is white base with TCLs. Interesting to hear how values have shifted, not because I am looking to purge anything, but rather because I am interested in expanding what I have. I have been with this site since the early 2000s, back when I was in...
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    Update Me on the Trade

    Wow! It's been years since I have been on this website or even looked at my lightbars. Last week, during a trip back to my home city (on the other side of the country now), I went to check on my lightbars in storage. Really got me pumped up for the hobby again. I just feel so out of touch with...
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    Beacon Ray Value

    Thanks to the answers regarding value. Wigwam, what's modified on it?
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    Beacon Ray Value

    So, considering this is a model 176 - and based on the photos that Toon80 posted - the approximate value is...
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    Beacon Ray Value

    Toon, yes that's the one. Hoser, that's not a 17? Shows how much I know about beacons...
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    My first full size lightbar

    On the topic of 'Hawks: What's the difference between a white-base Streethawk and a white-base Firehawk?
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    Beacon Ray Value

    Tried searching for this, but can't seem to find reliable answer. Considering starting beacon collection, looking for value before buying. Federal Signal Beacon Ray: Model 17, Serial 2R...., clear glass dome, r/w bulbs, appears to be good condition. Thanks!

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