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  1. Inspector 377

    Wanted Dual Talon Brackets needed

    I am in need of brackets to mount 2 dual talons to my headliner. Anyone have anything?
  2. Inspector 377

    Wanted Dodge Charger Brackets for Code 3 Supervisor

    I am in immediate need to a complete set of Code 3 Supervisor Brackets for a 2012 Dodge Charger Squad.
  3. Inspector 377

    For Sale 8 Head Sound Off Ultralite

    Can you post the video.....Interested in an all red if still available
  4. Inspector 377

    Wanted 2012 Charger Havis Console

    Looking for a console for a 2012 Dodge Charger. Brand doesn't really matter. Prefer one with armrest and cup holders. Mount for laptop would be a huge bonus!
  5. Inspector 377

    Wanted Soundoff GHOSTS

    I am looking for 3 soundoff signal Ghosts with the hood lip mounts. I can use Red or White or combination.
  6. Inspector 377

    Soundoff Signal LED Traffic Advisor

    Just removed from service Soundoff Signal LED Traffic Advisor with full length wiring harness and control box.
  7. Inspector 377

    For Sale Soundoff Signal LED Traffic Advisor

    Inspector 377 submitted a new listing: Soundoff Signal LED Traffic Advisor - Full length wiring harness Read more about this listing...
  8. Inspector 377

    Wanted Federal Signal CUDA LED modules for Jetstream lightbar

    I am looking for white or amber modules for the Federal Signal Jetstream light bar. I have all red now, need to swap some modules out.
  9. Inspector 377

    Wanted Code 3 TREX Light heads

    Need 1 more RED or CLEAR still
  10. Inspector 377

    Wanted Code 3 Trex Grill Brackets

    Looking for two Code 3 Trex Grill brackets part number XT3GR
  11. Inspector 377

    Wanted Code 3 Switch Box Legends

    Looking for the legends for a Code 3 440L6 switch box. Specifically Driver Alley, Passenger Alley and Takedown.
  12. Inspector 377

    Wanted Console / laptop mount for 05 Durango

    Looking for a console and laptop mount for an 2005 Durango.

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