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    new fusions?

    I am so confused. They said these are SINGLE color. Then they say it has "quad" technology. Makes no sense.
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    Mini bar - help me figure it out

    I FOUND IT!!! A little phone call, a little email and here it is. The SVP micro-lite offered by SVP right before they were bought out from Star. HJere is the quote from the email. " Wow! Flashback! Let me provide you with a brief history. In 1974 Southern Vehicle Products (or SVP) was...
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    Mini bar - help me figure it out

    Jared, that's a mini excalibur, that's not the bar we are referring to. Although I'd like to have one of those too,
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    Mini bar - help me figure it out

    I asked this same question a while back. It was made by SVP. I do not recall the name of it. Not only did it have a lower deck, but you could also put a speaker driver in between the diamond mirror on the top deck and it had an outlet for the sound in the lower. I have been trying to locate one...
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    Strobe Problem

    This is one of two problems commonly found with strobes, especially older ones that have not been used in a while. 1. The strobe tube has low gas. Over time the glass can become brittle, sometimes not even be able to be seen by the naked eye, and the gas inside the bulb leaks out. IF some gas...
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    Damega engineering mini ultimate 100w siren

    Internal fuse in the siren box?
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    Whelen edge mini

    See this post, same bar, just mini instead of full size.
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    Whelen ripple edge 9000 bar

    That's almost disappointing. From a collection standpoint, I'd love to have it. If it gets moved to a different frame it'll take away from the originality of it. God forbid something happen to it while its on that car.
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    Whelen ripple edge 9000 bar

    Galls sold these back in the 90s both as a full size and mini. You could order strobe or halogen bars, this was the halogen version. They only had them for a short time. This goes in the same boat as the Whelen advantage OSC. It was a cheaper version they marketed toward less financially able...
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    For Sale $20, $30, $40 Sale

    Make offers on anything in this post. I am cleaning out this portion of my house and need all of it gone. You may be surprised by what I take.
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    Support No edit dots

    Me too
  12. irishff

    For Sale SoundOff NForce Lightbars b/w LABOR DAY SALE

    Now accepting $350 each for these. I really need them gone
  13. irishff

    For Sale Soundoff nForce 49'' dual R/W R/A

    This is not uncoom with soundoff bars. For some reason they sold a lot of Nforce series bars with only four dual color modules to the front leaving two single colors. I have seven all blue bars the same way.

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