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    Officer Paul Dunn Memorial Challenge Coin w/ FEVER Discount

    did they find out what happened? you can pm me
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    Covert Traffic Arrow - Dodge Ram

    we have used feniex and star lightheads in the gap
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    Crown vic bumper w/ wings

    anyone still have a NIB set? our old crown vic took a hit to the right wing today and it saved the car but the bumper needs replaced.
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    Another impersonator

    Some feniex it looks like. This is what always worries me selling online.
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    NEW B/A Star Dual ULB9S Mini Phantom Kit - Rare/Factory Error

    so each lighthead has 2 leds one color 1 of the other? because the setup in this picture is possible with 2 colors.
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    Photocell Options

    code 3 uses them on their lightbars. our old defender demo used to take a glove or something covering the sensor before it would trip.
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    Voiding Factory Warranty

    the lower one is the intercooler for the turbo.
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    Voiding Factory Warranty

    they try that stuff alot. I had dodge try to tell me if i didnt use them to rotate my tires they would void all my warrenty.
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    Pickup truck bed slide out tray / cable management ?

    thats pretty nice but i just use wire loom. just use big enough it dont fit in the tracks and stay in the middle of the slide away from the tracks.
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    SOLD -Rigid Industries Dually red/blue **sold**

    I have 1 red and 1 blue rigid dually we used as demos I would be interested in getting rid of. $120 shipped. They do not have a flasher so one will be needed. Ill get pictures up in a few
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    2017 Ford PI Utility integral interior lightbar

    I agree. they need to offer it without tint without their bar.

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