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    Lighting/display collection insurance?

    That is an excellent question. I have a collection as well. An example would be, a fully decked out full size edge bar may have cost an agency $1000 (keep the numbers simple) But what is it worth in a collection. Regardless of what it was purchased for by the collector?
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    For Sale Code 3 LP6000 half filters red/blue

    Here are seven 1/2 filters for the LP6000 light bar. They are used. $50 shipped to the continental US Thanks
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    For Sale Jetsonic/stream filters

    Here is a complete set of red jetsonic/steam filters. I can swap out for the large alley cut-out endcaps if needed. I also have these in blue, and I have jetstrobe filters as well in red and blue. $60 shipped to the continental US. These are used. Thanks
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    Wanted Whelen Piercer II Housing

    Thanks everyone. I found one, and am in contact with a member for shells.
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    Wanted Twinsonic rotator and the long chain.

    Found one. Thanks
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    Wanted Twinsonic rotator and the long chain.

    This is most likely a long shot, but I am in need of one rotator and chain for a twinsonic regular length bar. Thanks
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    Ebay listings (AMBER, WHITE warning lights, switch boxes, etc.)

    I have used that category for a red model 17. Got suspended. The light is over 50 years old. So I give up on selling items with domes pictured.
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    Ebay listings (AMBER, WHITE warning lights, switch boxes, etc.)

    I feel your pain. At one time, ebay's policy was antique and vintage equipment was ok to sell. But recently it looks like their moderators don't know an elbow from a hole in the ground. I tried to sell some jet filters. Got suspended for it. At one time, filters and dome were good to sell. You...
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    Wanted Streethawk parts

    I have two standard speed rotators. I most likely have the lowers you want. PM me.
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    Wanted Whelen Piercer II Housing

    Ah...thanks. I forgot about him.
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    Federal AeroDynic Dome

    All righty then. It looks like I have to revise an fleabay listing
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    Federal AeroDynic Dome

    Does Federal still produce the AeroDynic/Twin dome? I was under the impression they were obsolete and had been for some time. Thanks
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    And a metal base to mount it to something....sad x 3 :(
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    RX2700 Wiring\Control Box

    That's odd. The RX2700's I had did not require controllers. Mind you, they were not the multi-color LED's
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    Wanted Whelen Piercer II Housing

    I am looking for the black housing for these with clear lenses. I have the supply and heads.

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