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    Support My thread not showing up in Whats New...

    I did try changing the settings that Tony suggested before posting, I just didnt delete the unread tab at the top. When I click on "what's new" I can scroll down and it shows a banner "Threads below have not been updated since your last visit." And continues with the threads. I figured because I...
  2. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Support My thread not showing up in Whats New...

    A few hours ago I posted an MX7000 arrow for sale. It showed up in the thread right away but it still does not show up when I click on the What's New lightning bolt (others after mine are showing). I tried searching "whats new" to see if I could find an answer but the search enging excluded the...
  3. Jennifer Rose Towing

    For Sale Complete arrowstick from MX7000 (lenses, wiring, ect) $25

    It is still in the bar. Wanting to put in rear work lights instead. For sale is a complete 8 lamp arrow for the MX7000 lightbar. Comes with... Light reflector assemblies, 8 amber color filters with tapered arrow ends, Internal wiring harness, External wiring harness with about 3.5 ft extending...
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    For Sale Model 14, Federal Sign and Signal dual sealed beam beacon

    In googling it, looks like the 17 was most common but it appears to be interchangable with quite a few models. BTW... here is a link to another video, shows the insides too.
  5. Jennifer Rose Towing

    For Sale Model 14, Federal Sign and Signal dual sealed beam beacon

    Lights of this type/vintage are not my standard collectable item so I am listing it here. I do not know much of anything about the specs of the light (what is factory and what is not). I was told that the dome and magnetic plate on the bottom are not factory. Here is what I do know... It runs...
  6. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Wanted Old Jetsonic Motor

    I believe they are the same as the Aerodynic, even the gear cage (minus the switch and cog) appear to be the same.
  7. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Arjent Question

    That requires the external control box. The model should be S2, the ones that dont require an external controller are SL. Unfortunately I dont know the model numbers of the serial controllers that would work for that. Might be worth an email to Federal Signal for that.
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    Dash Laser question

    It is my understanding that they are for radio interference/noise supression. DC motors can be "noisy" to other electronics and the resistors help quiet them down.
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    Whelen Flash Pattern demonstration ??

    I guess I thought you had a bar and wondering what the patterns were called that it was running. I could be wrong but doesn't the Command software have that? Just download and play with the patterns.
  10. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Whelen Flash Pattern demonstration ??

    I think most manuals have the flash pattern list. I have downloaded them and cycled through the patterns on the bar to figure out the names.
  11. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Wanted Code 3 Force 4 XL/XL5000 parts

    I have 2 red filters, one has a bit of heat damage. PM me if interested.
  12. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Federal Signal announces the Reliant lightbar

    Kinda reminds me of a Tomar Blade, love that bar. Makes me look forward to seeing this one in action.
  13. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Positive + Sale to Toon80 (international)

    Sold 4 wire harnesses over the boarder to Toon80 and let me know they made it. Good communication, all went well.
  14. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Code 3 LED X 2100 questions

    The heads shown in the R/B are Optix (6head/6up). The outermost heads on the all blue are LEDX. The heads come in "dumb" and only be on or off, requiring an external flasher or have their own built in flasher. The heads with a flasher can not sync. The LEDX modules do not have very good off...

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