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    Starcom21, unication and scanners

    I had the Uniden BCD325P2, but I sold it and now have the Uniden SDS100. Starcom21 has some simulcast sites. The Uniden SDS100 handles simulcast sites better than the other two mentioned. You mentioned best/cheapest, which do you want? The best is NOT the cheapest and the cheapest is NOT the...
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    Minnesota Transportation Company Adds 'Attention-Getting' Lights To School Buses
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    Xprite 27" Amber Vigilante Series 30W Traffic Advisor COB LED Strobe Light Bar

    Has anybody here ever heard of this make or model? If so, what is the quality like?
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    How Do I Determine Which 1156 LEDs Put Out The Highest Number Of Lumens?

    Someone else suggested these.
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    How Do I Determine Which 1156 LEDs Put Out The Highest Number Of Lumens?

    These claim 580 lumens. These are being considered for a John Deere GT225 garden tractor, not a light bar in this case.
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    How Do I Determine Which 1156 LEDs Put Out The Highest Number Of Lumens?

    As posted above, I am planning on switching some incandescent 1156 bulbs for LED 1156s. How do I determine which ones put out the highest number of lumens?
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    Wanted Motorola APX

    I have a Motorola APX7000 that is VHF and UHF. PM me is you want additional details. I love APCO P25, but when they changed the local Quantar 2 meter repeater to analog only, it took away the main reason that I bought the APX7000.
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    Question for the police officers

    I am near Minneapolis MN. There are some non municipal agencies in and around the area. There is the Metro Transit Police Department, MSP Airport Police Department, University of Minnesota Police Department, Minneapolis Park Police Department, Minneapolis Veterans Administration Medical Center...
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    What Amber Light Or Mini Lightbar Would People Recommend For A Hobby Farmer?

    I am new to this forum, so I am still getting up to speed on things here. I have a hobby farm and occasionally move things on the nearby streets and highways that can be a hazard. As a result, I am considering an amber light or mini lightbar for an added measure of safety. I have a Northern...
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    For Sale NOS Federal Signal Fireball - Negotiable

    I am new to the forum. What are they worth?

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