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    Identify this strobe assembly

    The bulb doesn't go with it. That looks like the power supply out of a beacon. I wanna say deitz or north american, but I can't place it.
  2. JohnMarcson

    For Sale Advantedge Bar $100 obo.

    I will pay for shipping if anyone picks this up for me... plus a $25 finders fee.
  3. JohnMarcson

    For Sale Long MX series bars

    They seem to have the nova (code 3 now) preemption strobe (a plus), but the newer plastic rotators (minus), but still a great deal.
  4. JohnMarcson

    Joe Dorgan

    Too bad, I had high hopes he would start living up to his dad's legacy.
  5. JohnMarcson

    SOLD - Code 3 Traffic Advisor

    This is a super deal.
  6. JohnMarcson

    4x3 strobe head ID

    These were offered with micromax, but also with the sound off and galls clones of the same size. I can't see for sure on mobile, the pic angle does not help. The galls and sound off clones are very similar.
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    4x3 strobe head ID

    Micromax in a custom housing offered in galls
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    colored gel sheets

    This is really the only way to make a green aerodynic without colored bulbs.
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    Streethawk lower lenses - No Longer Available

    Streethawk lower lenses As shown, restorable condition. Numerous available, contact me. Price is each. List Date: 9/30/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Streethawk lower lenses -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available...
  10. JohnMarcson

    Shotgun mount and lock, Pro-gard

    Shotgun mount and lock, Pro-gard Included is one gun lock / mount. Used but working condition, comes with one key. List Date: 9/29/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Shotgun mount and lock, Pro-gard -------------------------------------- On Sale For: $49.00...
  11. JohnMarcson

    Sandra Cline, Paramedic

    This is a neighboring service and my agency responded to the crash.
  12. JohnMarcson

    Self-cutting zip ties!

    This would prevent me from dropping the snips on my face while under trucks....
  13. JohnMarcson

    Type III vs. med. duty Ambulance chassis?

    Ford e series, but only in 7.3L diesel. The 6.0 is problematic. Medium duty a freighter (pre DEF) is the pretty reliable, but you'll need to keep the air system primed.
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    Newly Re-designed 6x4 Quadraflare

    That's great! I love to see multiple companies making "ambulance size" lights.
  15. JohnMarcson

    red whelen advantage

    PM me, I might want it still

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