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    Platinum Programming Trouble w/ Upper ILS

    Try selecting "rear lower ILS"
  2. kabsher8093

    No power at control head

    Hope you bought a SIREN SPEAKER. 100watts. And not a little PA speaker...
  3. kabsher8093

    No power at control head

    Do you have all of your wiring connected? Your main power, power and ground from the plug on the back of the amplifier.
  4. kabsher8093

    No power at control head

    You will need both of these manuals. When you test the siren. Be sure the position slider is on 3.
  5. kabsher8093

    No power at control head

    Could be a few things. - The backlighting and button sounds may have been turned off in the programming. - The control head is bad. - A standard "wall outlet to telephone" cable will work. It's nothing special about the cable. - Try pushing the "Standby" button a few times until the...
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    Smart Siren Platinum discontinued?

    I noticed the sane thing the other day. Tried looking on FS's website and it was gone. They now offer the SS Platinum controller with the Pathfinder. So I'm guessing there is no need to continue the Platinum series.
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    Quadraflare 7x3"

    Are you looking for a flash pattern video or just how they look on a truck flashing? I've got 12 of them on a fire/rescue truck. Clear lens, all red led. I had to run them all to a flasher to sync them.
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    FedSig CN Signal Master using Convergence Software

    Recently acquired a used CN Signal Master. It is being used with a Smart Siren Platinum and plugged directly to the amp. It's all red with 2 red/white modules. Turned the white off so that it only flashes red. Now, when I use the LRCO or the WARN modes. The 2 white/red models only flash...
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    Convergence Software Issues

    Long story short. I broke out the old windows xp with a lan port and it fired right up with the fedsig "RED" cable. I had been using just a standard cable and I worked fine. Guess it figured it out lol. Shame on me.
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    Convergence Software Issues

    Any having problems with communication from SS Platinum B keypad to computer? It's in programming mode. The cable is plugged up on the side of the keypad and plugged into my computer. The communication task is greyed out and won't communicate. Using windows 10 with a usb to ethernet adapter...
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    Pathfinder programming

    I'll be doing some standard programming of a pathfinder in a few days. I've gone through the installation manual and the gone over the help tutorial in the software. Unless I've missed it, I was not able to find out the steps in getting the unit into programming mode. Do you just plug the...
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    Smart siren platinum - Horn ring question.

    Ah ha. I need to play with the convergent software more. Nice. Thanks
  13. kabsher8093

    Smart siren platinum - Horn ring question.

    Had someone ask if it were possible to have the siren air horn sound when the steering wheel horn is pressed. Not while siren is sounding, just the siren in "standby" mode. I didn't think it were possible but just thought I'd ask.
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    Federal Signal Pathfinder Siren/Light controller

    Looks very cool. Lots of tones with built in Rumbler controller, just have to add the woofer(s). From the Install book, the control head can be removed for remote head mounting. The Powercall is different. Sounds kind of cool. Programmed with the Convergence software. Powercall Powercall...

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