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    Wanted Clear Twinsonic Dome

    Hey guys, Looking to buy a clear Twinsonic dome. It doesn't need to be perfect, but no cracks amd prefer without crazing. Thanks in advance
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    D-Tech MX7000 question, observation and reminiscing funny story...

    That's what I used as well. I don't need the extreme beam of light as a display bar.
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    D-Tech MX7000 question, observation and reminiscing funny story...

    I put lower wattage bulbs in my D-Tech's mainly because it's a display only bar. Most of the heat related issues should be alleviated.
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    Wanted Code 3 D-Tech Rotators

    Bump - Still looking for 1 more Glass R/B D-Tech Rotator.
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    Wanted Code 3 D-Tech Rotators

    Thanks for a great transaction bugsy87! Got 4 glass D-Tech D-Tech rotators, still looking for 1 more if anyone has one available.
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    Positive Bought - Positive - from mugsy87

    Paid for the transaction utilizing PayPal, Dtech rotators were shipped same day (Monday) and arrived Wednesday. Packaging was great, items were as described. Great transaction!
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    Wanted Code 3 D-Tech Rotators

    Sweet! How much are you looking at for them?
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    Wanted Code 3 D-Tech Rotators

    Looking for a full set of 5 rotators, preferably the newer style, R/B. If you have any, let me know! Thanks! Ken
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    Wanted Clear Oscilaser Lens

    Looking for a clear OsciLaser lens. If anyone has one, let me know! Thanks!
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    Wanted Firebeam Mirror

    Looking to buy a NOS Ultra-Flash mirror, or NOS Firebeam complete setup. Mine is about 20 years old and really starting to show signs of wear, but hey, the original bulb is still going strong! Anyone have one of these lying around? The only ones I can find are missing the 2 separate mirrors...
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    Whelen Liberty Question

    Stu - those are the wires that I was going to connect to (I've got the clear LIN6's connected to them now), but since the regular LIN6's take 6 watts, and the HITD's take 36, I'm a little gunshy about doing it because I don't want to blow the IO board with trying to run too many watts through...
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    Whelen Liberty Question

    shues - for the video above, the TD's actually look like they are LIN6's.
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    Whelen Liberty Question

    Ok, thanks. That helped. No go on the conversion then.
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    Whelen Liberty Question

    My harness actually has the plugs available for the LIN6's in place of the TD's. That was what I was going to clip and swap the TD plug for the LIN6 plug. I just don't want to overload the circuit and fry the board.

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