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    For Sale Whelen Mini Justice Light Bars BLUE - New-In-Box

    Little late with my review, but received in perfectly pristine condition! You'll never find a better deal!!!
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    For Sale Carlos Spicy Weiner's Equipment Sell-Off

    You don't have any more light sticks, say a 400 or 600....doyou?
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    2012 Ford F-150 Install

    Move your rear T ions to the side of the front push bumper and replace them with red strip lite plus. Gives you a much bigger footprint and better side/intersection warning for barely more than the vertex you were going to buy.
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    2011 Dodge Durango Citadel - ***NEW INSTALL***

    I know you mentioned that you can't sync the ILS with any of the other lights, but are you able to do more of a half/half pattern in the front? I feel like you're getting more of a flicker than a punch and while it looks good up close you're probably sacrificing warning power at distance. I...
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    2011 Chevy Impala 9C3 PPV

    Nicely laid out. Lighting is simple but very effective and the same goes for your choice of patterns. Outstanding job with the wiring. I would just throw some simple intersection warning into the lower air dam in the front. Not sure if you clear intersections, but the side lighting in the rear...
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    This gonna be fun (2020 F150) updated with specs and ideas

    Eight head Liberty II(DUO if it's in their budget), smoked microns on the front bumper to the side, headlight flasher, intersectors on mirrors, hideaways in taillights, ghosts in upper rear window. No split fail.
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    Whelen m4

    Go with a headlight flasher for forward facing white light and do solid blue M4s. I spec'd PD Tahoes with solid M7s and even with the high beams flashing they don't get drown out, presents a nice large footprint from a distance.
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    For Sale Whelen Universal Mount ION's (8 Blue & 3 Red)

    Any interest in breaking up the lot?
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    CBS Report on NYPD switching to a hybrid fleet

    Top speed in that range is the most useless metric of that test. There isn't a police dept out there that would stand behind an officer doing 150mph for any reason. The number may be impressive but real world application it's pretty useless.
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    2016 Ford Explorer XLT

    Very nicely done and well laid out. Personally I would throw some black vinyl on the chrome accents on the rear and sides but hey that's just my taste. How do you like the pioneer nano mounted in that location to the side? Does it throw a decent amount of light as an alley light and is the...
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    2016 Ford Explorer XLT

    Any reason you got away from the Carbide?
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    New ride! 2019 Toyota Rav4

    Up to you if you want to risk it in your town, but if you're only authorized to run blue to the front then you are only authorized to run blue to the rear. The common volley theory that NJMVC code covering flashing red and amber to the rear for turn signals/hazards also covers red/amber...
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    2018 Toyota Camry Install

    Is the Firebeam split or solid color? UltraFlash mirror or no?

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