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Recent content by Layne6288

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    What lightbar is this?

    I thought it was too but it’s not
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    What lightbar is this?

    pretty sure it’s whelen but not sure!
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    Wanted Code 3 Z3 Non Matrix Controller

    I am looking for a Non Matrix z3 controller.
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    Reducing Speaker Volume for Siren Testing

    I learned to use a lightbulb, splice one wire from your speaker on the side of a lightbulb then the other end on the bottom. Lower the wattage bulb the quieter.
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    Wanted Whelen Howler Amplifier

    I am in urgent need of a Whelen Howler Amplifier. Recently I bought a Howler without knowing that I need the amplifier for it to work properly. Thanks!
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    Using a Whelen Howler without the Howler Amplifier.

    Is it possible to use the Whelen Howler without the Howler Amplifier? Currently, all I have is a Howler without the amplifier and all it does is put out regular tones, is there a way to make the Howler work properly instead of buying the Howler Amplifier.
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    For Sale Code z3 matrix controller & Code 3 z3 NON-MATRIX amplifier. *not compatible*

    CONTROLLER SOLD Looking for 150 for the amplifier obo
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    Wanted Looking For: Code 3 Lightbar

    Looking for a code 3 lightbar that must be blue along with grill lights that must be B/B or B/W. I am specifically looking for the lightbar, a 21tr, or RX2700. Must be fairly priced as I am no billionaire.
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    Wanted Looking For: Code 3 Lightbar

    some people are just looking to get rid of em
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    Wanted Looking For: Code 3 Lightbar

    Preferably a 2100, 2700, and LED. Max price 150
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    Wanted Looking For: Code 3 Lightbar

    I am looking to purchase a lightbar from someone. Must be Code 3 and preferably all blue.
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    For Sale Code 3 Z3 Siren

    If you will do trade instead of me buying it that would also do great alright

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