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    Whelen Rotabeam 600 side warning

    John, you are an absolute myriad of information! The HELS was exactly what I remember from a few years ago!
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    Whelen Rotabeam 600 side warning

    Thank you for the reply John. I see that now. Sadly Whelen used to make aviation wingtip lights in 12v Amber for this exact purpose and they worked great.
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    Whelen Rotabeam 600 side warning

    Hi friends, anyone have experience with Whelen Rotabeam 600’s? I want to mount 2 on the side of a newly ordered dump body and want to know if they will provide enough warning to the back and front. I could always install beacons on L brackets but these would be more streamlined.
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    Spotlight Beacon

    Very cool, had no idea!
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    Spotlight Beacon

    I don’t know why the link is acting funny..
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    Spotlight Beacon

    This is sure different..
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    Wanted 2008 Impala Flashers

    I work for a very very small police department. Our fleet consisted of a 2015 Interceptor Utility and a 2008 unmarked Impala. The interceptor died and our only vehicle is now a 2008 Impala with 300,000 miles… anyways It literally only has 4 colored hide always. I’m looking for some plug and...
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    21 Tahoe PPV Lightbar Fit

    H Haha good point might try that
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    21 Tahoe PPV Lightbar Fit

    Hi all, Starting the order process for a new Tahoe PPV. It will be our first. Can I squeeze a 60” lightbar on the roof, or is 53” about the max I can fit? I only ask because I have a new 60” sitting around id like to use on the build. Thanks in advance!
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    Hella HERO hideaway OE bulb replacement. Whelen HALO Reincarnated!

    Do you have a link to the full application guide? All I can find is this: which is a dead link.. I need to find the the correct adapter for a 2021 Ram Classic Warlock Reverse bulb..
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    Whelen edge mini

    The ripple edge's were VERY popular in the UK!
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    Need a little help re-programming fedsig!

    Thanks guys, I’ll give it a shot this afternoon see how it goes. This particular vehicle should have been retired long ago so the moisture issue could be right on the money.. we shall see
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    Whats the brightest light bar available today?

    My local Fire Dept. just put a 60" full rotator Navigator on an engine.. thing is insane!

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