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    '13 Ram 1500 Laramie LED Tail Light Flash

    I think I figured it out. I took the tail light apart. There are 3 separate input wires; 1 for brake, 1 for parking light and 1 for turn signal. If I put a diode on the brake output coming from the vehicle to the led tail light, which would not allow the vehicle to engage the brake light, and...
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    '13 Ram 1500 Laramie LED Tail Light Flash

    I know the CanTrol will do what I want, but I am more than positive you are right about disconnecting the tail lights, get the light out chime all the time. I think I may just have to leave everything the way it is.
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    '13 Ram 1500 Laramie LED Tail Light Flash

    Ok............ So, I have a 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie with OEM LED Tail Lights. I am running a Cantrol Gen 2 system and I would like to figure out how to not only make the OEM LED Tail lamps flash, but activate them on brake alert through the CanTrol system. In my mind, I think I have the...
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    Wanted Whelen Inner Edge WeCAN, Duo Blue/White

    The title says it all. I am looking for the above lightbar. I have some LED equipment that I would like to trade towards the purchase either in all or in part, plus cash. I'm not worried about vehicle brackets, as I can get them from Whelen. Looking for a newer model. Light will be going...
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    Whelen Inner Edge XLP Blue w/ Takedowns - BRAND NEW [SOLD]

    Is this a WeCAN or traditional type?
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    NIB Whelen WIONB

    How many do you have available?
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    Motorola EX600 UHF w/ Accessories

    I NEED TO SELL THIS QUICK!!! Up for sale is a Motorola EX600, UHF, 128 Channel portable radio.  This radio is very similar to the HT1250, just smaller.  This radio will also do all of the same features as the HT1250.  I am selling the radio, antenna, battery and belt clip/holster.  I am trying...
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    For Sale Motorola CDM1250 VHF 50 Watts, 64 Channels

    The radio is in great shape, as you can tell from the pictures.  The radio comes with a remote kit already installed, the remote cable to connect the chassis and the control head, a heavy duty microphone, power cable, bracket for the chassis and bracket for the control head.  The only items...
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    All set.  Thanks.
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    Looking for 2 - Whelen 4EGRILB COMPLETE!!  If anyone has a pair let me know.  Need ASAP. Thanks, Nick
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    I am looking for a Whelen Sapphire, preferably new but if used, in good condition.  I have some VHF radio equipment to trade if interested.  PM with details. Thanks, Nick
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    For Sale New Whelen IONB's $65.00 each, Shipped to lower 48

    Looking to see if the IONB are still available?  Serious interest in 6 of them. Thanks, Nick
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    For Sale New Whelen IONB's $65.00 each, Shipped to lower 48

    PM sent regarding 6 IONB's.  Looking for them ASAP.  Thanks, Nick
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    J. Duke's Huge LED, Siren and Speaker Sale! Whelen & Federal

    PM me what it would cost for you to add 4 blue.  Keep the 4 ambers you take out as a trade in towards the blue modules.  Let me know what it would cost and I will let you know.   Thanks for your help!

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