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    Why did Code 3.......

    Another shot with V mirrors and flashers. Almost gives an oscillating effect.
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    Why did Code 3.......

    Heres another tinker job. 4 bulb aerotwin NYPD bar. Those are the test lenses.
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    Why did Code 3.......

    No issues that I've found. I have done it in many bars, even independent style rotators. ie streethawk, LP6000 xl.
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    Why did Code 3.......

    Yes the motor leads were swapped on one side.
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    A.Z tow truck grab..

    First wrecker bar I have that's not loaded with rear work lights or s.t.t was happy to see the domes in such great shape. Wish I took a pic of the mounts, L brackets that look like they could hold a ton if not more..
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    A.Z tow truck grab..

    Got this code3 traffic buster today from a friend who builds tow trucks. Told me it came of an 1988 gmc twin boom from A.Z he needed the body so he gave up the light. It uses the same domes as the S/D easily 9/10...
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    Aerodynic Model 25 CL find

    That pattern can run left,right as well as center out and so many others. Just mite be why the aero ranks so high..
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    Multicolored Aerodynic 25

    Just figured why not..
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    Remember the Civil Defense?

    Wish I could of seen the neighbors face as this was getting installed... must have been pricless..
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    Wanted Plymouth Gran Fury/Dodge Diplomat Red/Blue Headlights

    4 reds just showed up on face book 60.00 o.b.o out of T.N
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    Code3 sd when??

    Thanks shoes very good info there..
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    Code3 sd when??

    Thank you for that info, I'm still interested in finding it's market debut date. Of even better maybe a pilot program they mite have rolled out for testing.
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    Code3 sd when??

    Hello everyone, looking to see if anyone can nail down the first year of the sd lightbar. We're talking the most vintage style of sd. Thank you.
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    Federal Signal Aerodynic Flasher problem

    O yes the ol' dirty power.. most flashers and strobe power supplies don't like the dirty power from Batt chargers or jump packs. I can only imagine how many got tossed for not acting right when it was the installer supplying the problem. A good AC/DC converter/ power supply will always be your...

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