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    For Sale Vintage Whelen Model #994-PA [No Longer Available]

    Scared to ask how much you want for this...
  2. Lightbarnut

    Aerotwinsonic RQ find, and cleanup.

    I thought FedSig Aerodynics used 4416 and Code 3 XLs used H7600...
  3. Lightbarnut

    For Sale lot of whelen/federal signal for sale

    I need the clear Whelen 52 series lens.
  4. Lightbarnut

    Wanted Whelen Advantedge Takedown Lenses

    I have a bunch if you still need them.
  5. Lightbarnut

    Wanted Whelen 52 & 500 series half lens inserts

    How many of red and amber, Ken?
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    For Sale Dietz 7-11

    Hope your wife gets better. That is a Stratolite 80/North American Signal 400X dome.
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    Whelen mini bar & dash light package deal - No Longer Available

    The mini bar is rotator not strobe.
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    Wanted Needing Code 3 siren, have Whelen to trade.

    I'm in great need of a Code 3 3692L4 siren with the light controls. I have a Whelen 295HFSA6 siren with light controls to trade. Need ASAP. Thanks.
  9. Lightbarnut

    Fighting17th's Sale Thread

    I'll take the Whelen 600 red diffused lens.
  10. Lightbarnut

    Q2b/Q2a clutch question . Need help !!!

    Hope you do better than I have. I just sold mine because I can't find anyone trustworthy or that I can have confidence in to restore one.
  11. Lightbarnut

    Joe Dorgan

    It's obvious why he isn't in jail. I called Tucson Police about him AND the AZ Attorney General's Office months ago. TPD wouldn't touch him, and the AG had no interest in it even after being given all the details of my case and that he's still actively running a fraudulent business and has...
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    Wanted Whelen Centurion Feet

    Should be the same feet as any Whelen bar.

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