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    Brand New Federal Signal Legend

    Up for sale is my brand new, never mounted, never used, Federal Signal Legend lightbar. All led's, no halogen lights on this bar. Front take-downs, left and right side alleys, red and blue leds with red and blue top covers. Lenses are clear and in brand new and in pristine condition. Comes with...
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    For Sale Brand New Federal Signal Legend

    lightcollector38 submitted a new listing: Brand New Federal Signal Legend - Brand New Federal Signal Legend Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Whelen Amber WeCan 48"

    May be interested, interested for a trade? Pm for details...thanks.
  4. lightcollector38

    For Sale BRAND NEW 48" Federal Signal Legend R/B

    Bump, make an offer, still for sale!
  5. lightcollector38

    Wanted Vision or Vector lightbar

    As far that I know and have seen, Federal Signal made the Vector and Vision lightbars in 3-pod or 7-pod for the full size. Even when I looked at to see their max size on the SLR bars at 60", you still only get 7 pods...however, you can mix different bars together to get you 9-pods...
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    Wanted Vector Smart Pods

    I have a few driver's side and passenger side Vector pods and Vector/Vision smart pods as well...
  7. lightcollector38

    For Sale BRAND NEW 48" Federal Signal Legend R/B

    Yes, I will include a switch. I have a few extra Federal Signal SW400SS switches I'll include with everything.

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