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    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars replied to the thread Green lollipop?.
      The only people who use green in NY State are volunteer EMS. With that being said, I've never seen anything like this anywhere before.
    • lotsofbars
      New and Improved FOR SALE post! I've added a BUNCH of lightbars, and edited everything to be easier for everyone to read; by brand and by type. I have videos for everything, which I will provide...
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    • lotsofbars
      Hey all, it’s been a while since Iv done a post on here. I just bought a 10x20 building to make my light museum and here are some shots of it mostly put together. I have added a few more lights in...
    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars reacted to mercurygrandmarquis1's post in the thread NYPD jetstream with Like Like.
    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars replied to the thread Junkyard haul......again.
      I agree, but you could probably use a Twin as a park bench without having to worry much lol. But I agree, great haul and a great price!
    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars reacted to Maxim2Eng's post in the thread Junkyard haul......again with Haha Haha.
      GAAHH!! Stuff stacked on a clear domed 12X?!? BLASPHEMOUS! All seriousness aside, nice haul…especially for the price. Now get that 12X on the wall at eye level where it belongs! ;-)
    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars reacted to EHFD_Tower_751's post in the thread Junkyard haul......again with Like Like.
      Nothing really spectacular but for $20 for everything i think i did pretty damn awesome. 1 pair of mirror beams Rear license plate bracket with lin3s?? Behind grill set up with 911 signal leds 6...
    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars replied to the thread Strange code 3 XL.
      Not necessarily. Once Code 3 started coming out with all their features and options in the 80s, they'd cram nearly anything you wanted into a lightbar, if you specified it. The likelihood of it...
    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars reacted to nlaser11's post in the thread Strange code 3 XL with Like Like.
      Well it's a couple years later, but here's a video. I've picked up 3 more of these lightbars so now i have 4 total. They are all in varying condition. None of them have steady red to the front...
    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars replied to the thread Strange code 3 XL.
      Those Stingrays (NOT Select Alert) look like they need their contacts cleaned so they work better. Super simple fix, you just unclip the two Y-shaped wires from either side of the rotator shaft...
    • lotsofbars
      lotsofbars reacted to gtpts27's post in the thread Dietz 240-1-WW "Hill Light" with Like Like.
      Unknowingly picked up a rare Dietz hill light. 240-1-WW. -1 signifies bar mount (has a full metal bottom vs just an edge for roof stripping). -WW (wig-wag aka hill liggt) signifies one bulb holder...
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