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    Whelen WeCan repurpose?

    you sound like the knowledge guy! Any clue what this thing is? the guy here says he doesnt know exactly what it does and i found one from federal signal, it likes like it has...
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    Whelen WeCan repurpose?

    thanks for your answer but i have no clue what that means lol. So, if i buy a wecan device, and bought a wecan io board thing, i can use it to control my lights? non whelen ?
  3. LunaSingleton

    Whelen WeCan repurpose?

    can that be done? looking at the wecan control box (im no pro) i was looking up LED pattern controllers and it popped up. i was thinking the control box has plug and wires, cant you just hook the wires up to another companies lights on steady burn and the whelen device will tell them what to do...
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    Flash Pattern Designing

    but, the patterns you create, would only be usable on their products correct?
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    Flash Pattern Designing

    Is there anyone here that knows or can refer to software or machine that can be used on computer that you can sit back and design your own light patterns for warning lights? i miss the days of Whelen B-Link lightbars, but im not really looking for "Whelen". Is there any software that you can...

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