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    Wanted domes: Stratolite 80 and Dietz 77-234

    Please check if you have a red Dietz 77-234 dome for the 7-40 beacon. Shipping is to 04129 Leipzig, Germany
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    Wanted Street hawk Decals

    I have Firehawk reproduction decals if you need them.
  3. Mars Light

    Wanted Aerodynic Visi-beam mount

    Eric, do you still looking for a mounting plate. I have here the plate but without the black skirt. LMK
  4. Mars Light

    XL 5000 Wrecker Bar Project

    Oh, that bar need a lot of grease and love. But interesting setup.
  5. Mars Light

    Hello from the Uk

    Hi from Germany. Welcome here!
  6. Mars Light

    FDNY Twinsonic 12F Reboot

    Looks really great with the new domes. Does the FDNY have red filters to the front and rear and the NYPD used red to the front and amber to the rear?
  7. Mars Light

    Another Firehawk project

    Yes, it is a complete set. See attachement.
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    Another Firehawk project

    Not really. Domes and filters are US blue.
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    Another Firehawk project

    I started a new project with a red Firehawk lightbar. First step was to find a frame in NOS shape. A paint shop made the NOS black frames in RAL3000 fire-red. Labels are reproductions. The warning sticker is originally from the frame. First reflectors: In the meantime I worked on the...
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    For Sale Federal Signal Aerodynic Emergency Lightbar - Good Condition

    I´m interested. What is the shipping rate to 04129 Leipzig, Germany?
  11. Mars Light

    Wanted Signal stat 312/FS beacon dome clear or blue

    Signal Stat used the Dietz 77-234 dome. If this helps.
  12. Mars Light

    Local Antique Shop Find

    Looks like a Signal Stat 374 with a (wrong) Stratolite 80 dome
  13. Mars Light

    Some new members for my collection

    Thanks @ex416 - yes, your SVP 531 looks like my Arrow 531. Both with the large Bosch motor.
  14. Mars Light

    Some new members for my collection

    I got a Arrow 551 beacon in nice shape. All that was needed was a new dome and some cleaning. Here a video with his older brother 531 (551 replaces the 531): Next one is a North American Signal 4-way flasher. Video says more than thousend words:
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    Wanted North American Signal 4WF

    Found. Can be closed

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