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    I restarted facebook, PM me for my info, I'd like to join groups on the down low.

    There are some groups out there that are real crappy. We try to keep the ELS group pretty decent. Pretty sure I’ve seen you post there some I think.
  2. Mattdecker

    I restarted facebook, PM me for my info, I'd like to join groups on the down low.

    John, Feel free to join the Emergency Lights and Sirens Enthusiasta group on FB. I’m an admin so I can make sure you get right on in. Just let me know it’s you and I’ll approve it quickly.
  3. Mattdecker

    For Sale Whelen Dashmiser led

    I have for sale a legit OEM Whelen Dashmiser with the Tir6 heads. Was originally red/amber but I had the amber head swapped to clear by Brian Wilson. Asking $100 shipped
  4. Mattdecker

    Carbide controller

    Idk if you have a cable for one already, but there are several of the Cencom Gold style 18 button heads on eBay that will work for a Carbide.
  5. Mattdecker

    Anyone near Bloomfield, Indiana

    Looking for someone near Bloomfield Indiana that could pick up an item for me and ship it to Ky. Seller is unwilling to ship at all. I can provide more details via PM. Thanks.
  6. Mattdecker

    Out of business

    Just heard the news that both Grover air horns and PowerArc have closed their doors. Thoughts? Wonder if it’s a decline in business due to Covid or something else.
  7. Mattdecker

    Getting the siren to work...

    I’m glad someone got to it before I did. Don’t feel bad, I did the same thing on my Carbide. Felt like big dummy once I realized what I had done. Lol.
  8. Mattdecker

    Wanted Whelen Responder dash light dome and mirror

    Just curious what a red Responder dome and flashback mirror would cost these days. Haven’t decided if I‘m mounting in the truck or not. Pic for reference.
  9. Mattdecker

    Whelen Responder

    Just uploaded pics. The base and guts are spotless. The dome is a 6/10. The screw holes are broke and there are small cracks at the bottom but other than that, it’s not bad.
  10. Mattdecker

    Whelen Responder

    And it arrived a day early. Before and after I hit it with some Meguiars PlastX polish. I will have to eventually get a new dome for it. The screw holes are broke on the current one. The outside look worn but as you can tell, the inside is clean and it is extremely quite for its age.
  11. Mattdecker

    Whelen Responder

    I didn’t see anything on here yet. What years did they manufacture this light?
  12. Mattdecker

    Whelen Responder

    Thanks. I will let you know for sure. I may look for a mirror attachment in the future for this one and may possibly throw it on the dash. I haven’t decided yet.
  13. Mattdecker

    Whelen Responder

    Yup. Pics are the one I bought from Facebook. The guy also has a blue one that needs a cigarette plug and a bulb. He is supposed to be shipping it to me Monday.
  14. Mattdecker

    Whelen Responder

    I’m hoping once I have it in my possession, I’ll be able to see an actual date. I’m having trouble on my phone zooming in to see the labels. I’m perusing through the pages here to find info on it.
  15. Mattdecker

    Whelen Responder

    Found one I’d been trying to find for the longest time. Whelen Responder dash light in red. Looks to be complete. I will upload videos when I get it in next week. Not sure what they go for. I paid $113 shipped.

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