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    End of Watch

    Thanks guys. This one has really hit me hard. I really do appreciate the support.
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    End of Watch

    Louisville, Ky On 12/18 Zachary Cottongim with Louisville Metro Police Department was struck by a vehicle while on an investigation of a vehicle on the side of the interstate. He was waiting outside his cruiser for the wrecker. Zach left behind a wife and 2 sons. He was also a personal friend...
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    Wanted Astro saber accessory port cover

    Found off site Hello all, Looking for an NTN7061A. Accessory port cover for a Motorola Astro Saber. Not looking to break the bank on one since I can't find them anywhere else. Thanks.
  4. Mattdecker

    Pictures Only Your State's Vintage First Responder Vehicles

    Kentucky State Police. In order: 1978 Ford LTD, 1991 Crown Victoria (with the amazing Whelen Darth Vader light), 1990 Mustang (one of only 4 that KSP had.
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    2 more for the collection

    Mind if I pm you some questions about my XL?
  6. Mattdecker

    2 more for the collection

    Makes me wonder if the other was a short model too. I'll have to look tomorrow.
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    2 more for the collection

    I agree. The XL's are bonus. I was actually only supposed to get the Hawk. Lol. And I didn't realize the sealed beams were the 9000's. I thought they were still numbered as 5000's.
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    2 more for the collection

    I'll measure tomorrow. I got tons of parts so I'm not sure.
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    2 more for the collection

    Got these 2 in yesterday. Streethawk and sealed beam XL bars. Actually have 2 XL bars but the second one is for parts. Plan on working on these slowly and fixing them up. May add lower level lights to the Hawk but I'm not sure yet.
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    Another Aero for the collection

    Gotcha. I've been debating on posting it. I'd really like to get a mobile radio and have been eyeballing XTL's since we are digital and they are a pretty penny. Kinda need to clear out the garage too so it'd benefit both ways.
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    Federal Signal PA640 Manual Button Tone

    Unfortunately with the PA640, Wail is the only tone you can program to it. You can change it from where it winds up and back down to just active when the button is pushed but that is all. That's how it was with mine.
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    Another Aero for the collection

    @stampwhat do you think this 25RQL-TCL would be worth if I were to sell it?
  13. Mattdecker

    For Sale Federal Signal Viper EXT's

    For sale. 1 red and 1 white Federal Signal Viper EXT VPX 800. Plenty of wire but no flanges. Asking $120 shipped OR will entertain trades for certain Whelen grill lights (used Ions or used Microns).
  14. Mattdecker

    2017 F150 Cencom Core install. Where to mount?

    Gotcha. Thanks. My 1500 is a double cab so under seat space is pretty limited.

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