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    For Sale 2014 Silverado brackets (Code 3)

    I have a set of 2014 Silverado brackets from Code 3 for sale. White in color. Asking $25 shipped.
  2. Mattdecker

    For Sale Whelen Advantedge lenses

    I have a lot of Advantedge strobe lenses for sale. All but 2 are in 8/10 condition, those 2 are easily a 6 or 7 still. Will clean up after a good wetsand. Lengths are: red short are 8.25", white is 7.5", and red long are 11.75". Asking $65 shipped.
  3. Mattdecker

    What's the worst lightbar made by a well-known company? (FedSig, Code 3, Whelen)

    I beg to differ. Lol. My Tomar Scorpion is the best bar I've ever had.
  4. Mattdecker

    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    Since it'll be going on the shelf, I may remove the flat mirrors and see how i like it.
  5. Mattdecker

    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    I toyed with the idea of adding to this bar but I think I'll keep it original.
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    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    Here is a picture of it with one dome finished.
  7. Mattdecker

    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    Thanks. I've toyed with the idea of keeping it like it is or adding another set of rotators. I'll probably keep it like it is though. I wet sanded one of the domes today and got it looking good. I'll do the other one and clean the frame later.
  8. Mattdecker

    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    I will possibly remove them and leave them off since it'll be a display bar only. Probably add them back at a later date.
  9. Mattdecker

    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    Ok thanks. Do you know if the clips from an MX bulb will work on this bar? The one that holds the H1 bulb and grounds it? I'm missing one. Also, what would be the best to replace the rubber foam pieces along the frame to make it weather tight?
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    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    That's along the lines of what I've been told. It's extremely dirty from being stored in a shed or barn but it works. Lol. Need to grease the gears and make them a little more quiet too. I'm assuming Simple Green is fine to clean the frame and innards with?
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    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    Mine has 1 parabolic reflector on each side with a flat mirror and V mirror on each side as well. No speaker in the center either. Not sure what model would've been in it. I've been told this model with the shorter speaker section was harder to find than the others.
  12. Mattdecker

    Galls Traffic Buster/Code 3 SD

    Got this beauty for free today. Needs some TLC but is in relatively good shape. Gotta find more information on them. The search function didn't want to recognize my keywords for them. For free, I'm not complaining.
  13. Mattdecker

    For Sale Axitech Legion Lightbar

    Loved the one I had. Only got rid of it to get a Tomar Scorpion. I love the fact that you could cruise mode the entire bar.
  14. Mattdecker

    Need help picking light bar for brush truck

    I'd check out the Tomar Scorpion. It's not dual color in a true sense but my front modules are capable of flood mode as well. You can get the front modules dual color as well as all 4 corners. So when you activate flood mode and takedown and alleys, the whole front and sides of the bar will...

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