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    Hella HERO hideaway OE bulb replacement. Whelen HALO Reincarnated!

    And what do you mean by SIREN USE ONLY? Unless I am mistaken, a siren makes the audible noise projected from a speaker. While usually used in conjunction with lights, they are two distinct and different things... Are these still going to be made "vehicle specific" rather than bulb size...
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    For Sale Lin3 red/blue $50

    Pair of Whelen Lin3 lights. One red, one blue. The blue has a little corrosion in the side, but doesn't appear to affect light output. Wires about 5" long. $50 shipped
  3. mcpd2025

    For Sale Sound Off Universal Undercover LAW, red/blue $65

    Pair of SOS universal undercover hideaway LEDs. One red, one blue. Has built in driver with flash patterns. Full, uncut wires. I have all 3 lens covers for each light, plus mounting screws. I only have 1 rubber gasket though. $65 shipped
  4. mcpd2025

    For Sale Blue Sound Off Ghost, pair $65

    Pair of blue SOS Ghost lights with mounts and a little headliner bracket I used. Lights have about a foot of wire. These have mostly been used inside the vehicle. $65 shipped
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    Wanted Surface mount bezel, Sound Off Universal Undercovers

    Looking for a pair of black surface mount bezels for the SOS Universal Undercover LAWs. Used is fine, this is a project that may or may not work out anyways. Thanks.
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    Police Interceptor Sedan Hideaways in reverse lights

    Ha, I told them that I wanted a 2021 Tahoe. They laughed as they handed me keys to the Taurus. No real complaints, I'm happy to be out of a marked car again. It was quite the bummer to trade in a brand new Hemi Charger with 3400 miles for a naturally aspirated small V6 Taurus though!
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    Police Interceptor Sedan Hideaways in reverse lights

    Appreciate the suggestion, but that cannot happen for several reasons. I am still looking for a way to install HAWs in the reverse lights please.
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    Police Interceptor Sedan Hideaways in reverse lights

    They are taking away my marked 2019 AWD Hemi Charger ;( and giving me an unmarked non-turbo 2018 Interceptor Sedan. The rear lighting is woefully inadequate and I want to install some hideaway LEDs in the reverse lights (not the empty pocket above the reverse lights). Can anyone help a brother...
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    Spectralux Viper S2 pattern won't hold

    Sure, here is the light.
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    Spectralux Viper S2 pattern won't hold

    I've got a hardwired S2 mounted in the rear of my cruiser with a push button pattern selector. I can change the pattern and get it to hold the new pattern (both sides shining the same color at a time), but when I turn my lights off, it reverts back to the old pattern (one side red, one side...
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    Looking for a new duty flashlight

    I've been researching flashlights for a while now and this is what I ultimately decided to do. Just purchased a Li-ion stinger battery that should last longer and have a longer life. I've got my dept issued halogen Maglite as a backup. I appreciate everyone's responses. I've looked at each...
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    Looking for a new duty flashlight

    I've been carrying a Stinger DS LED since about 2005 when I worked midnights. I've replaced the battery a couple times, bought a couple new chargers, etc. Battery is dying again after about 2 years. Won't hold a charge through lite use over the work week. I think this flashlight has given me...
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    Code 3 wingman

    What do you mean "upgradeable"? I know they use standard Optix modules and can be swapped out.

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