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    2019 Tahoe HLF install

    Looking to install a hlf on a retail 19 Tahoe. I see I can connect the headlight wires under the under hood fuse panel. Is there a recommendation on using a whelen or sound off isolated flasher. The older Tahoe had a relay in the panel that isolated the output from BCM.
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    Wanted Whelen Avenger2 Dual Cig Power switch

    Looking for a dual switch whelen avenger 2 power cord. Need the one that turns on mode 1 and mode 2. Thanks
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    Federal signal ford smart siren

    It has to be a relay. I used a Lin3 which it was able to flash but when i switched to a double avenger it went bonkers. Its a very low current to activate an external relay.
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    Federal signal ford smart siren

    Well i got some info. Apparently the outputs for the lights on this are negative switch low current. Basically have to use a relay on each output to turn on a circuit. Hence why there is no heavy positive input on these.
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    Federal signal ford smart siren

    Looking for info on a federal made smart siren for ford crown Vic’s. Has a special ford plug on it and has a ford part number. 5W7J-70443-aa. Tried calling federal and the guy I spoke with said he had nothing and passed me off to crown America which I can’t also find info. Does anyone have...
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    2005 expedition headlight flasher install

    Trying to install one for a fire dept. which side is better to access the headlight wiring. I'm thinking passenger side.
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    Wanted Whelen Avenger Suction cup bracket complete

    Looking for a complete whelen double avenger suction cup bracket. Need the pieces also that attach to the light.
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    Whelen LED heads chrome peeling

    Looking to see what people have done with whelen heads out of warranty where the chrome material flakes off. Got a freedom corner practically all black plastic. Wonder if anyone use a reflective tape to try and restore them somewhat.
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    Wanted Hhs2100 harness

    Looking for an installation kit for a 2100 siren. Have the box and hhch but no harnesses. Thanks
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    Whelen Liberty flasher question

    Yes but this isn't a towman bar. has 4 corners and 2 pairs of leds front and back. Only has one harness coming out of bar. I emailed whelen and they sent me the same towman manual. Must not be a manual for the regular economy liberty.
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    Whelen Liberty flasher question

    Did whelen ever make a liberty 48" lightbar with just two small flasher modules in it, instead of a full i/o board with a red/black power wire. Picked up two units at an auction sale and the labels were removed from the base so Im not sure on the models. These are passive led's with 06/07...
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    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    Can you onvert code 3 optix heads in 21oo bars
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    Wanted Dominator end cap with hole

    Looking for a dominator end cap with hole for wiring. thanks

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