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  1. MEVS06

    ERM founder and owner, Tony Mourgis, has passed

    I am truly shocked by this news. RIP Tony, you will be missed.
  2. MEVS06

    Kent's (non-mechanical) Siren Repair Shop

    I have a couple of Unitrol Omega U90 amps I'd like to get repaired. When the time comes I know who is getting my business.
  3. MEVS06

    Loss of a member of the eLightbars Family - Hoser

    My condolences to you and your family, I pray for you all to find strength during this difficult time.
  4. MEVS06

    Soft Launch of New FEVER Site

    No disrespect but people are simple and want easy ordering. The colored squares are a great choice, heck if you could do the same with the optics that would be nice as well. Keep is simple. Keep up the hard work.
  5. MEVS06

    The Family Joules

    Nice work as always, hope you are doing well. I need to come out to the Lab sometime soon.
  6. MEVS06

    What changes/additions would you make to Feniex products?

    55" Fullsize lightbars and also 30" minibars. I have lost several contracts over the last year because of this to the point that my business is pretty much non-existent now. Several LE agencies don't like the look of a "sedan size" lightbar on a tahoe/pickup truck. I attempted to get into...
  7. MEVS06

    Department needing to purchase used patrol vehicle..

    TXDPS has 50+ Tahoe and CVPIs sitting on thier lot in Austin for sale. They don't list them on the website because they have so many.
  8. MEVS06

    Department needing to purchase used patrol vehicle..

    Call them, the website doesn't have the vehicle list.
  9. MEVS06

    Department needing to purchase used patrol vehicle..

    Call the Texas Facilities Commission in Austin TX. They have a fleet of old TXDPS units sitting there for $2k- $4k. Austin Storefront 6506 Bolm Road Austin, Texas 78721-1990 (512) 463-1990
  10. MEVS06

    How to make Generic Whelen Transporter for B-Link & Smart Messenger

    I have one made from a USB cable. I'll see if I can find it and post a picture of it.
  11. MEVS06

    Tahoe PPV that looks civilian

    I've seen one in person that was called the " Chiefs" trim by the dealer. It was loaded out with leather and wood grain etc in a PPV. It runs $36k here in Texas.
  12. MEVS06

    Wanted Unitrol Omega 90

    PM sent.
  13. MEVS06

    Station 3 responding Fire POV to vehicle rollover

    Surprised you drive that slow... lol

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