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    For Sale Stainless Crossbar with Mounts

    I have a huge stainless steel crossbar with what look similar to Signal Stat mounts. Total length is 60" and would accommodate two large beacons, a siren and can lights or the like. Needs a Polish and very minor body work where some bolt marks are from a lightbar that was mounted on it. Gutter...
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    For Sale Sold 3.5 Panel Aero Domes

    I have a set of 3.5 Panel Aero Domes CalSpec as pictured. Used but overall good shape, crazing present but not horrible. No cracks. Solid color endcaps. Patience and wet sanding will make then really nice. $150 for the pair plus $15 shipping each/box up to the Midwest. Western areas I can get...
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    For Sale Vitalite Domes NOS

    Bump, any offer on the lot?
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    SOLD FS Halogen Lights Red Glass

    Ok I'll text u later tonight.
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    SOLD FS 184 Dome

    Tim, first buyer took it, thanks for your interest.
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    SOLD FS 184 Dome

    Tim, I have one PM a minute ahead of yours. I will advise if first buyer is not interested. Thanks.
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    SOLD FS Halogen Lights Red Glass

    Nice pair of red rectangular glass lens Halogen FS pedestal mount lights. Chrome is very nice, glass is perfect and nice deep red. $60 plus shipping.
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    For Sale Jetstream Center Domes

    1 used but nice, 1 NOS. Jetstream/Jetstrobe clear centers. $30 both plus shipping.
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    For Sale Code 3 Dash Laser filters

    3 Red 2 Blue 1 Amber all NOS Code 3 Dash Laser Filters $30 as a lot plus shipping.
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    For Sale Vitalite Domes NOS

    I have the following: 2 each Blue 2 each Amber 1 each Red All NOS 1 each Red used. $15 each, $8 for the used. Plus shipping.
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    SOLD FS 184 Dome

    I have a used Model 184 Dome in blue. No crazing but there are scratches. A good wetsand and Polish would do this well. $35 plus shipping.
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    SOLD FB 3 Amber and Blue

    6 Blue and 4 Amber
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    For Sale Green Model 14 Sale

    Bump, accepting fair offers. Don't be afraid.

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