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    Dietz 7-40

    7-40 is the manufacturer’s model number. The other codes are SAE approvals. W3 means 360 warning lights, and 70 and 80 refer to the year. As Dan said, same light, but different decades.
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    Whelen CSP690 Xenon Bulbs to use?

    The tube shown in the pic has a trigger (the wire wrapped around the outside and connected to the center pin). You’ll need to identify the outer pins as the anode and cathode.
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    I've just discovered the ULTIMATE copy-cop

    Prison won’t be fun for him.
  4. MtnMan

    Whelen Alpha 12 siren amplifier

    I’m on it
  5. MtnMan

    Unitrol Sirens

    I believe that’s the Las Vegas Metro PD version.
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    Wanted Code 3 AS-8/AS-10 arrowstick

    Ok, what I have is a Code 3 halogen arrow stick, 47” long, 10 heads, aluminum frame. No model number that I can find. The end caps are missing, otherwise in great shape. Long cable, and I can provide a plug and/or controller. Lmk if you’re interested.
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    Wanted Code 3 AS-8/AS-10 arrowstick

    I think I have one...
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    RF interference?

    Well, the directions specify constant power, and the problem only occurs when you’re flipping the switch
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    RF interference?

    That appears to be the problem. Connect the power directly to the radio circuit, without a switch. It definitely does not sound like an RFI issue.
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    How can I make my light flash with one switch and steady burn with a second?

    A 1 or 2 amp diode would probably be adequate, but diodes are so cheap, you might as well go with 10A. The larger wire size will make easier and more durable connections.
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    Federal Signal 12 volt Vibratone Model 33

    @167 could you post a clear pic of the tag?
  12. MtnMan

    Code3 H2 Covert siren blowing fuses

    Try testing the speakers one at a time and check the speaker wiring for shorts. You have 4 AWG for the siren power feed (from the ignition)? It only needs 12 AWG wire / 20 A fuse.
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    Code3 H2 Covert siren blowing fuses

    What wire gauge and fuse size are you using for the siren power? One or two speakers?
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    Federal Signal 12 volt Vibratone Model 33

    Connect one wire to +12V and the other to -. Polarity doesn’t matter.

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