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    Can you slow down rotator motors?

    Yes, a series resistor will work to slow a motor, within limits. The two-speed Federal FireBeam, for example, uses a 9V motor, running on 12-14V, for fast speed. With a 50 Ohm (1 or 2W) resistor in series, the motor voltage drops to about 9V for standard speed. I'm pretty sure all Federal fast...
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    Unitrol 80K Amplifier dead

    Assuming the fuse is good, it sounds like the problem is in the amp. Message me if you're interested in getting it fixed.
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    Dunbar-Nunn Unitrol 800 schematic diagram

    I wish! I'm currently repairing an 800 and manually tracing the circuit. R20 is the output balance adjustment. @APBT , is there anything specific you're looking for?
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    Help with Smartsiren history

    Early 90s
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    Ultra lo budget 53" TurboBeam

    Not mine. Not something any normal person should get particularly excited about. But if you absolutely gotta have a shiny NOS example of bare bones, lowest bidder, exposed screws, tow bar underkill, this is the deal. Jam packed with over 200 Watts of incandescent disappointment. Two, count 'em...
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    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    Are they stepper motors? Edit to add: On second thought, they're probably not. My next step would be to run the orange and white wires to a different motor and see if it runs.
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    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    When you say it "doesn't work," does the lamp light? Does the motor move at all?
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    Old NYPD electronic sirens

    The pinout for the 12 pin connector is: Pin Color Function 1 Red BAT + 2 Black GND - 3 White SPKR 4 White SPKR 5 Yellow MAN YELP - 6 Blue HORN 7 Gray HORN RING 8 Yel/Blk RADIO 9 Yel/Blk RADIO 10 Orange IGN +
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    PA 1000 SIRACOM Manual

    There are labeled terminals on the back of the control box. Wiring on the siren portion is the same as the PA200 (because it is a PA200).
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    POV Lighting Suggestion

    Here's a quick video. It's bright and SAE Class I approved. Federal Signal, Whelen, and Code 3 are the Big Three of warning equipment. Star Signal is smaller and doesn't have the huge product lines, but they have quality products and are still US made.
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    POV Lighting Suggestion

    I have a Star ULB9S for sale. Great compact dash light.
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    Whelen Edge 9000 Troubleshooting

    Broken hearts, shattered dreams... and I'm willing to risk electrocution on an occasional strobe PS. Most of them aren't worth repairing, but these look old enough to be interesting.
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    Whelen Edge 9000 Troubleshooting

    They may be repairable. Msg me if you’re interested.
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    Unitrol 80K Amplifier dead

    Try testing the 80K by wiring it directly: power to the red and black wires, then apply +12V to pin 7 (wail).

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