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  1. Muxlow

    Wanted Federal Signal Vector/Vision

    Looking for a basic vector or vision. No need for the rear signal master. Mounting onto a fire truck with a switch to turn everything on and a 2nd switch for secondary lighting on the front As long as it works and the domes are ok that's all I need. Red/white domes
  2. Muxlow

    Wanted Whelen 700 Red/White Lens

    Looking for a pair of whelen 700 (halogen) red/white lens
  3. Muxlow

    Arjent Question

    Looks like they are all attached to each section
  4. Muxlow

    Arjent Question

    Im fixing up a arjent bar for someone and just want to make sure what i think is correct The board inside the bar has part number 2005395C Only wires that come out are the 2 power and Ethernet cable I assume this has to be connected to a controller to enable the bar? No way to use it standalone?
  5. Muxlow

    Wanted WHELEN 500

    Looking for a set of either amber or amber/white (A/W would be best) LIN6 500 series. Dont need to have a flasher in them. Want to mount them in some mirror beams on a vic and use the amber for signal and white for highbeam. Little random project. As long as they turn on and work thats good...
  6. Muxlow

    New Feniex Quad

    When i asked feniex about green they said the quad will not support green.. As it even says fuck green at the end of their promo video too. Im in ontario canada and 70% of our fire depts here are volunteer based and use green lights. Same with 2 other provinces. CANNONS! We want back in green...
  7. Muxlow

    Wanted FS Aerodynic Motor

    Looking for the motor Z8422B111-25-01 and the housing for it Only thing missing from a nice condition aerodynic i picked up. Couldnt figure out why they lights would come on and not spin.. then looking in the manual saw the motor was missing from it. Just has the pegs it would mount to and the...
  8. Muxlow

    Wanted Feniex 6/800 + Front bar

    Im in canada for 1 so im sure after tax, exchange rate, shipping and customs fees the discounts wouldnt mean anything. Also im a dealer too but was just looking for some used items as this is a side project for my personal vehicle to tinker with. As i plan to take the lights apart and do some...
  9. Muxlow

    Wanted Feniex 6/800 + Front bar

    Got a new replacement 4200DL and 6 pod fusion direct from feniex. Still looking for a interior bar tho
  10. Muxlow

    Wanted Feniex 6/800 + Front bar

    Looking for a 6 or 8 pod feniex directional all amber or dual colour amber white Also looking for a front interior split bar with a 2013+ ford explorer (or universal mount). Either Green white. Green amber, amber white, amber red/amber blue For the split colour as long as it can do amber as...
  11. Muxlow


    I'm thinking what I needed in the first place was a whelen AF-6016
  12. Muxlow


    ..well shit. Useless to me then. Was hoping they were just a 4 output halogen flasher unit. Mount the box in the trunk and wire the lights up to it and power via a switch and all is good. Back to my 1st plan of using 4 head light flasher units. This is for a 1988 cop car rebuild Need 2 rear...
  13. Muxlow


    That would be nothing. It was listed on ebay as a ambulance 4 output flasher unit.. So i just assumed it was a stand alone unit as it appeared as such Just had the box wired up to 4 halogen par46 lights
  14. Muxlow


    Have a question about these things.. I got 2 brand new sealed in the bag units. Figured it would be easy to wire up 4 rear lights to 1 box, and 2 front lights to another.. all halogen. Seems simple. Red power wires to 12v and 2 black wires to ground, connect the + - of the lights to the...
  15. Muxlow

    Auto Start?

    Yep. Thats the bugger. Dont think it was Havis i had in mind but same concept Says it does not support OEM autostart tho.. so that could be an issue on my 2013 police utility.. Humf

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