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    Positive Positive buy from Emergency Lights

    Whelen rear deck inner edge and vertexs. Great communication. No problems. Shipped them fast. Packed well. Buy from again.
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    Wanted Havis Dual cupholder INSERT Only

    I got about 50. I'll PM you.
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    For Sale TWO Whelen Dual Talon RED/BLUE

    I'd have to say no as model # says it's a 2 wire not 3. There would be an S after TLN to indicate sync.
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    For Sale HAVIS SUV Console 24''

    Actually I did check but it's restricted so I have no idea when he was last on.
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    For Sale HAVIS SUV Console 24''

    Sent you a PM on Wednesday have not heard back.
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    For Sale HAVIS SUV Console 24''

    Let me know what you want for the arm rest if your going to sell it separately now. Thanks.
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    Wanted Whelen 600s

    I may have some. If not I have possibly 6 new 600 ambers. I'm using the moduals for 700s so I can swap back in reds ones from 700s and 900s. They would be smart 4 wire with low power no sync. I may also have red lenses instead of clear. If you wanted some split red white I can do that also. Let...
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    Can you make a left hand spotlight to right hand

    Ok thanks. A follow up to this is how do you tell the difference between the 2 as I see no markings on the shaft? If someone is selling a used RH how would I know it actually is? Thanks again.
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    Can you make a left hand spotlight to right hand

    Have a NIB Unity 94018-0002 LH LED spotlight. Wanted to know if I can use this as a 94019-0002 RH. If so would I just need the right hand install kit 5557 for a Ford Crown Vic or also the right hand plate kit package. Thank you.

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