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    Vision bar connection parts missing.

    Looks like one switch would allow power to the fuse block, then to the individual pots then to the lights. looks like it is "all on" or "all off" with one switch and no controller.
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    FedSig Valor Help

    No markings at all
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    FedSig Valor Help

    Sorry, but I pulled the board from a working bar just for the photos. The chip is completely unmarked, so someone else with more knowledge about smd chips would have to chime in.
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    FedSig Valor Help

    surface mount ceramic capacitor?
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    2014 Durango Feniex ILB Install Help

    I just did one on a 2019 Dodge Durango Pursiuit and had the exact same issue. Luckily I have experience in fabrication and was able to reconfigure the bends in the provided brackets. The bar is now tight to the headliner and windshield with all the provided gaskets and brackets. I spent over an...
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    Flasher for fusion ILB

    So the answer is yes as described above. The three wire modules I have work fine with a separate positive flasher. I'm going to use a ULF-44 to get the patterns and sync that I want.
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    Flasher for fusion ILB

    Specifically I was told that the Fusion dummy heads can be controlled by; Constant +12V to red wire Constant ground to black wire +12V to trigger wire for steady, or pulse +12V for flashing at pulse rate Do I understand this correctly?
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    Flasher for fusion ILB

    Can a different flasher be swapped into an Fusion ILB so it can be sync'd with other lights?
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    2019 Cherokee Tail Lights

    Where did you mount your flasher, and where did you tap into the rear harness? If you don't mind.
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    2019 Dodge Durango R/T. POV

    Any pics of visor bar and mounts?
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    Wanted Whelen avenger or sound off pinnacle

    I have a Sound Off Pinnacle 8 head that is all blue for the CV rear deck. let me know if your interested.
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    Shroud Swap

    Hi Guys, I am changing out vehicles soon. I'm moving from 2011 Crown Victoria Interceptor to 2019 Dodge Durango Pursuit. I have a front Sound Off Signal Pinnacle (EPL 8000) that I'd love to move to the Durango. I know I would need new shrouds and brackets but don't know where to source them...

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