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    Wanted Federal signal flashball flasher.

    anyone have a flasher like this with the sticker on it. Or make repoduction stickers for flashb
  2. nick7542

    Wanted Federal signal F7 blue fireball dome

    for a federal fireball light
  3. nick7542

    Wanted Federal signal F7 blue fireball dome

    looking for F7 blue fireball dome ok condition . doesn't have to be perfect. shipping to 29588
  4. nick7542

    Wanted Federal Signal PA20/PA15 Mounting Bracket

    Looking for an original equipment mounting bracket. Not interested in homemade types, must be original to the pa20/pa15 electronic siren. like seen in the pic.
  5. nick7542

    Wanted Jr. Beacon ray dome

    Looking for a blue dome For a federal model 15a beacon ray jr.
  6. nick7542

    Wanted Model 17 beacon ray carbon brush assembly

    Looking for the carbon brush contact assembly for the federal model 17 beacon ray.
  7. nick7542

    Reproduction Adam 12 Can Light

    try to contact mike direct ,he can discount price if you dont use ebay. i have a phone number if you want it?
  8. nick7542

    Reproduction Adam 12 Can Light

    hi guys:   Got this reproduction trio can light from a guy up in Washington State.
  9. nick7542

    Green FedSig domes

    what kind?
  10. nick7542

    70's Tripp Lite Model FF Flashball

    This is a Tripp Lite model FF flashing light.  Looks to be NOS. This light dosn't have a thermal flasher, but uses some type of circuit board to make the light flash. Circuit board is dated 1978.  Anyone have any other info on this type light?
  11. nick7542

    Federal Signal Vitalite Dome

  12. nick7542

    Federal Signal Vitalite Dome

    Hi:  Looking for an Federal Signal Vitalite Dome F-8   in Blue or Green in good condition.     thanks nick.
  13. nick7542

    Beacon Ray Model 11

    Hi:  I Have a Twin Beacon Ray  Visibar Model 11 dated 1974.  I think they go back to around 1967 or 68.
  14. nick7542

    Green Light Thread

    Hi Guys , just adding to the green.   My tripp lite MV2. Got it off e-bay for 4 dollars and then added my green dome.
  15. nick7542

    Homemade Reproduction Federal Flashball

    light sold to Tsquale. please lock

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