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    NEW B/A Star Dual ULB9S Mini Phantom Kit - Rare/Factory Error

    I just ordered the Dual Star Mini Phantom in R/B. Per Tri-State Public Safety's site..."Keep in mind when ordering that you cannot get split colors in these lights, one side has to be one color and the other side another color."...
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    Know anything about Dual Mini Phantom ?

    That's what I was afraid of. I want the output of the Starburst LED's...the Gen 1's won't cut it. I like the concept though...hopefully someone will offer it with Starburst LED's in the near future.
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    Know anything about Dual Mini Phantom ?

    No, I'm looking for the dual/split unit that Galls is selling (with Starburst LED's). It's two Mini Phantoms connected by a center wire with only one cigarette plug to power them both. Check the Galls link I posted for more details...
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    Know anything about Dual Mini Phantom ?

    Thanks, but I'm looking for it in a dual version like the one Galls is selling (only with Starburst LEDS). SVP Dual Mini Phantom Headliner Mount LED at Galls
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    Know anything about Dual Mini Phantom ?

    I know Galls is selling this Dual Mini Phantom in the standard model, but anyone know where I can buy it in the Starburst version?
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    Can anyone explain narrow banding?

    Some good info and help can be found here... - Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
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    MI Law Enforcement

    Z06 Corvette...
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    all kinds of lights

    The products might be decent, but he needs serious help with his website...
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    Swapping modules on Galls Dual Talons

    Good info...thanks.
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    Swapping modules on Galls Dual Talons

    Thanks for the link. So I assume the Galls Talons are constructed the same as the Whelens? Is swapping the modules a plug-n-play procedure? From reading the link it sounds like not all Talons are constructed the same.
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    Swapping modules on Galls Dual Talons

    I have two Galls R/B Dual Talons (TN series). Is it possible to swap the modules so they're R/R and B/B? If so, how easy/hard is it to do? I did search and read the Dual Avengers are a no go (unless you're an EE, which I'm not!). They're both still under warranty, but I'm sure this would...
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    Michiana ELS - 2011 GMC Yukon Denali's

    Missed that fact! Nice job on all the installs. Thanks for the offer...
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    Michiana ELS - 2011 GMC Yukon Denali's

    [lurk mode off/] Nice work. What did you do about the holes on top of the console where you had the controller originally mounted? I have a 2011 Denali and am interested in your set up...
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    galls TN series clearance

    Just confirmed the coupon code is still valid. $89.98 and fee shipping for a Dual Talon is a great deal, especially since they used to sell the original Whelen Dual Talon a couple years ago at $249.98!

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