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    Help with programing HHS-4200 and Z-Flash

    I was waiting for somebody to suggest the trash can for that flasher!
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    Sappire driving 2 different light bar boards

    Ive noticed that there isn’t a whole lot of Whelen knowledge in this forum. If you use Facehole, there is a Whelen Command group. Somebody would have an answer to this question within minutes.
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    WeCan sync?

    Whelen says that you can only run two Wecan devices off of one controller(sapphire, carbide, cantrol, hhs4200). I’ve never hooked up more than two, but in other groups that Im in, they say you can run three devices. Ive only run two inner edges, never two lightbars. If you start a program in...
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    Hss4200 & 21 slide

    There is no default setting for that. Every button can be on at the same time. If you want to change this. Select your button, and go to the inputs down below, select your control head, and turn off the buttons that you want that button to turn off.
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    Cencom Core Backlighting question

    To me, it still seems like if you had another input with a higher priority than backlight, it wouldn’t matter if the backlight off state disabled it. The higher priority telling it to turn on should have worked.
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    Cencom Core Backlighting question

    There are so many updates in command, things that worked a month ago, no longer work. You really have to pay attention now. I was just making a program today, and enabling low power on some outputs, and it was setting low power at 1%. Im glad that you got it figured out. Your solution makes...
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    Wanted Wanted: Ford PIU Whelen ION or Micron Shrouds

    The shrouds on the hatch of the older models wont work on 20+. Even with modification, its not an easy task. I might have a 20+ set laying around that came off of a car that I put an inner edge in. Im not interested in selling them, but if you want a part number, Id be happy to help with that.
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    Cencom Core Backlighting question

    I would use an input from J6. Hook it to the ignition input. Then you can label that input in your programming as IGNITION SENSE.
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    Cencom Core Backlighting question

    Did you adjust your priorities correctly? That is a big deal that often gets overlooked. The input that is on all of the time should have a lower priority than the input that you want to change things.
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    Cencom Core Backlighting question

    Ive never used Core without CanBus, so I guess Ive never really checked to see if the ignition sense showed up in ACM inputs. Do you have any extra un-used input wires? You could just tie one of those into the ignition wire. And for everything that I instructed above, use that input wire instead...
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    Cencom Core Backlighting question

    Or a much easier way that would probably work. Just click on your ACM input IGNITION, and set your backlight to highpower. Then click the ACM input BACKLIGHT, and set low power. As long as your BACKLIGHT input has a higher priority than IGNITION input, it should be on highpower until the...
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    Cencom Core Backlighting question

    Ok. There are a few different ways to do this, but this is how I would do it. Make an event. When ACM input ignition is ON, and ACM input backlight is OFF. Then adjust your backlight to highpower in that event state. Then make another event. When ACM input backlight is ON. And set your low power...
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    Cencom Core Backlighting question

    What do you want to trigger your high power? Are you connected to CanBus? Do you have a photo cell?
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    Sapphire inoperable

    Core is the main box, like your Sapphire. Core supports WCX. You need a non-WCX control head. Any Whelen control head that isn’t WCX should work.

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