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    Uber Rare Federal Sign And Signal Model CJL PA Speaker Base/Blue/Red Split Dome Beacon Ray Model 17 Combo

    Imagine a mechanical siren on the roof! Back in the day, the "police package" on sedans/wagons included roof reinforcement with an extra layer of metal to support a roof mounted siren &/or beacon.
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    Whelen Cencom powers one or two speakers from the same terminals. How?

    So if you're driving at a groundspeed of 60 MPH into a 10 MPH headwind, and your 11 ohm speaker is connected to the 200W terminal but oriented off-axis to the vehicle by 45 degrees, the root mean square of the forward sound pressure will vary with the density altitude. The corollary is that...
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    LR11 as DRL question

    Look for a pair of Maxxima or TruckLite white LED backup lights, there any many different types/shapes, cheap and made for continuous duty.
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    How does the system works

    I think what you have is a pigtail meant to go through the door or window, and that would plug into something installed inside the car, maybe a socket on the headliner that is wired to 12V. Looks like the kind of plug that is used in lots of low voltage power supplies. Shouldn't be hard to...
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    2011 Tahoe SSV siren speaker location

    I don't think Ryan has been on here for more than a year. This thread was more than 8 years old.
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    Need help picking light bar for brush truck

    Even for a vehicle that size, NFPA 1901 is pretty specific, just mounting a lightbar on a headache rack won't meet the specs. At a minimum, you'll also need "one or more lights to each front corner, between 18-48" above ground." Your lightbar will need to meet the specified optical...
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    I need one

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    TwinSonic Model 12X

    Also, the 4464's run ridiculously hot. Impressive but not really needed for indoor display. Give your power supply a break and use 4416's.
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    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    The definitive picture showing the tilt of the NYPD Beacon Ray:
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    What was your first?

    I guess my first emergency vehicle was a 60's - 70's Miller-Meteor Cadillac ambulance where I had "volunteered" to be a victim for a local disaster drill. My leg was all moulaged up with a gory penetrating fracture and I kept holding it up to the side window to gross out anyone watching, as we...
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    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    Maybe I'm going blind but I can't see the tilt, either with the sealed beams or with the top view bulb holders.
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    Vintage NYPD Signal Stat Question

    The PA kind of does things their own way, even today. Sometimes it works out great, like their tiny tunnel wreckers. Sometimes it's kind of meh, like here. Maybe they replaced an underhood siren or needed a public address capability, and already had a spotlight in the center roof? Who knows...
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    Beacon identification and questions

    Because it has 2 sealed beams it's actually a military version of the model 14, the model 100 had an open single reflector similar to a Sentry. Before it was discontinued the model 14 was available in both an aluminum and a polycarbonate base. The 11, 14 and 100 domes are interchangeable.
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    NYPD Federal Sign and Signal P-660

    Wow, nice find! Another common cause of dents back in the day (and still) was "airmail."

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