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    Odyssey Emergency Vehicles / Odyssey Automotive Specialty

    Odyssey filed for bankruptcy and was sold off at auction. It has kind of "morphed" into First Priority Emergency Vehicles of Flanders, NJ. Their website now says: "Odyssey™ is a trademark of First Priority Emergency Vehicles, Inc." First Priority is the current upfitter for FDNY light duty...
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    Behind the scenes

    Are you sure that wasn't a POS response car?
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    Other pictures of my collection… FDNY / NYPD Lights

    Congratulations on your collection, very impressive as well as the fact that you had to ship all of those items to Europe.
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    can anyone positively identify this?

    When you want to be absolutelypositively sure that you have RFI interference on your radio.
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    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    Kind of scary that it says "A seller you've bought from."
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    New to me FedSig Model 14s.

    Drove a vehicle with a red/clear Model 14 for a time, was very effective for a single beacon back in the day.
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    HAZMAT rig for sale on offer up..

    Or a "tanker" (east coast) or "tender" (west coast) for the following apparatus:
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    RMS DS-100 The Traffic Stopper / Duosonic Siren! photo ad and patent added!

    It sounds like there's a little man inside the speaker yelling "ow! - ow! - ow! - ow!" as if he's getting smacked around while the combined tone is running. Certainly unique but I'd go nuts if I had to listen to that on a run. The yelp isn't too awful though.
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    Uber Rare Federal Sign And Signal Model CJL PA Speaker Base/Blue/Red Split Dome Beacon Ray Model 17 Combo

    Imagine a mechanical siren on the roof! Back in the day, the "police package" on sedans/wagons included roof reinforcement with an extra layer of metal to support a roof mounted siren &/or beacon.
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    Whelen Cencom powers one or two speakers from the same terminals. How?

    So if you're driving at a groundspeed of 60 MPH into a 10 MPH headwind, and your 11 ohm speaker is connected to the 200W terminal but oriented off-axis to the vehicle by 45 degrees, the root mean square of the forward sound pressure will vary with the density altitude. The corollary is that...
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    LR11 as DRL question

    Look for a pair of Maxxima or TruckLite white LED backup lights, there any many different types/shapes, cheap and made for continuous duty.
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    How does the system works

    I think what you have is a pigtail meant to go through the door or window, and that would plug into something installed inside the car, maybe a socket on the headliner that is wired to 12V. Looks like the kind of plug that is used in lots of low voltage power supplies. Shouldn't be hard to...
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    2011 Tahoe SSV siren speaker location

    I don't think Ryan has been on here for more than a year. This thread was more than 8 years old.
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    Need help picking light bar for brush truck

    Even for a vehicle that size, NFPA 1901 is pretty specific, just mounting a lightbar on a headache rack won't meet the specs. At a minimum, you'll also need "one or more lights to each front corner, between 18-48" above ground." Your lightbar will need to meet the specified optical...
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    I need one

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