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    Wanted need Whelen LINZ6 heads

    4-wire Sync versions in White/Clear(2016 dates or newer prefered) For Dominator Plus: Need 2 Red and 2 White(of the 2-wire versions) 2011 dates or newer
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    Wanted Go rhino 5036

    What vehicle and year?
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    Wanted LINZ6 dumb heads in Red or White

    Im looking for 2-wire versions of the Whelen LINZ6 heads in Red or in White with the 2pin plug for Dominators on it preferably. Thanks
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    Anyone know TactMedic??

    I did already receive my money back via Paypal and their decision as the sellers time ran out without any action. Thank you
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    Anyone know TactMedic??

    Nothing yet. I call the business and left a message. I dont even know TactMedics name to ask for him
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    Wanted List of Whelen items wanted

    All items Whelen wanted(no substitutes): *2 White LINZ6 heads(4-wire sync heads)2016 dates or newer *PAR32 in RED/WHITE(must at least have factory mounting studs or brackets on the back) *2-wire LINZ6 heads in White(need 2) and Red(need 1 or 2) *Dominators that have LINZ6 heads 2011 or newer(if...
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    Anyone know TactMedic??

    2 weeks later no pushbar to be seen. Had to get Paypal involved. I just want the pushbar or at least some communication if there really is an issue or if they need help or time. Im easy to work with, just talk to me.
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    For Sale NOS:07-14 Tahoe Setina Push Bumper with Ion

    Hi. Sent $$ a week ago but have not heard back on tracking info.
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    Anyone know TactMedic??

    Thank you he DID say he would ship next day (Tuesday Feb 2nd) partly why Im concerned. I did look to see what kind of feedback was given for him amd it looked good. I asked when he could ship and he said 'tomorrow' bc Im ready for it to complete the installation. Thanks
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    Plug name in TIR3 on a TAM83

    I have a D6 housing with wiring/flasher in it for sale if that helps. Im also looking to buy or trade for LINZ6 2-wire heads for my DP8
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    Anyone know TactMedic??

    I bought a brand new in box Setina/Tahoe (PB450L4)pushbar from him on Monday, he said he would ship it the next day and I havent had any response back from him since I sent him the money via PayPal. Im waiting on the pushbar to finish my install amd no word at all. I need the pushbar. If someone...
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    Wanted Looking for Dominator Plus (LINZ6) for parts

    Interested in 1 or 2 that have bad heads or are good for parts and for extra heads. Must be the LINZ6 type DP Dominator. I bought one that had 2 bad heads and trying to finish building the one I have which I need to be RRWRRWRR... Let me know what you have
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    For Sale NOS:07-14 Tahoe Setina Push Bumper with Ion

    Ok. I know they made a regular height a d a short pushbar I just want to make sure its NOT the short one like in the pic.
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    For Sale NOS:07-14 Tahoe Setina Push Bumper with Ion

    Still available? Does it have 4 IONs or just 2?
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    For Sale Whelen lights, controllers Massive lot of stuff

    Any lights/Dominators(and parts for them)???

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