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    Pair of Whelen LED Par 46 spotlights in metal Par 46 fixed position housings

    Sorry if I missed it, what color are these? They might look perfect on MY Jeep!
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    New Siren/Control Heads and "Rumbler" type speaker

    This is all cool and stuff, but the tones still suck...
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    High-Rise (Multi-Level) lights

    All these pictures and no video???
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    Its a SoundOff UltraLITE 8 frame. The specs from the SoundOff website are: 8 Module: 26” (66 cm) L x 1.5” (3.8 cm) H x 1.7” (4.3 cm) D
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    BUMP! I'd love to get this light to someone that wants to use it!
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    Weird NYPD ESU Truck

    That's pretty sweet! I'm loving the combo of LED, strobe and rotator. Its odd to see such old tech on a newer looking truck, but it works!
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    Uniform Patch Supplier

    We use these guys, they are local but ship everywhere. Don Rogers USA Industries of Oklahoma, Inc. 3126 S. Boulevard # 208 - Edmond Ok, 73013 800-297-2824 / 405-840-5577 |
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    For Sale NIB Feniex Wide-Lux 7X3 R/W

    I sent you a PM last week with the info.
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    Not sure why I didn't get notifications on this thread, sorry all! I still have it, it is half red half blue. Not interested in trading at this time.
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    New Feniex Flasher

    Feniex says the MAP on these flashers is $49. I think I'll have to get one just to play with it!
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    For Sale SoundOff Ultralite 8 (10)

    Prices slashed! This light is ready to move!
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    Strobes N More LED Rotator Beacon

    They should offer this in green if possible. This would be a handy "command" beacon for trailers and chiefs. A great alternative to spending tons of money on a Rotabeam...

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