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    What are the most popular sirens people are using?

    After using a few different sirens- Carson, SVP, Whelen and Code 3 , I would have to say my favorite Is my current set up. SS2000SM paired with a Power call.
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    Wanted Looking for 2 whelen m7 red

    I may have 2 new ones for you. I’ll ck tmr
  3. paff2

    Sound Off intersector wiring

    Thanks for the info
  4. paff2

    Sound Off intersector wiring

    Did you put it in slave mode or just set to steady burn?
  5. paff2

    Sound Off intersector wiring

    Bother! That’s not what I wanted to hear.
  6. paff2

    Sound Off intersector wiring

    I have 2 Intersectors in single color. One has the inline flasher and the other has the built in one. Both have the the steady burn, and also show the slave option. Since I want to use an external flasher for them do I set to steady or slave? Also they appear to both have cruise mode as well. I...
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    Wanted Pair of Sound Off Intersecters (under mirror)

    Lights found - No longer looking
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    Vertical plate light (intersection warning) rec

    I have done both Feniex Apollo, Fusion and Whelen LIN3. I wouldn't recommend a hideaway.
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    Tint Removal

    Heat it lightly and peel it off by hand. Then use goof off or some type of adhesive remover.
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    Headlight flasher with dual color cannons

    The newer Cannons do not play well with external flashers. Unless you are trying to sync with additional lighting just set a nice alternating pattern for the white and call it a day.
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    2015 Silverado Crew

    Thanks for the response. I will be utilizing a lot of the same lighting/flash patterns as my previous truck. NO split patterns and as much sync as I can. I do have an extra pair of Apollos that I am considering putting on the LP.
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    2014 Chevrolet Silverado POV (Feniex Build)

    Where did you bring the wiring thru from the engine compartment to cab?
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    Wanted Mic for SS2000SM

    That is sweet. Thanks a bunch for the info.
  14. paff2

    Wanted Mic for SS2000SM

    That is all I need. I have no need for a PA mic. Ill send you a PM.

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