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    Local LE POTUS escort running with green lights

    because this POTUS is "Money" it's only fitting
  2. PanHandleStan

    Do you carry a tourniquet every day? (even not in uniform?)

    I may or may not have a few in the bedroom...
  3. PanHandleStan

    SoundOff Configurator Software

    I've watched the thread from the start and got email notifications. I have no earthly idea what he is talking about with post being deleted. None of them were. lol
  4. PanHandleStan

    Proof of import

    I'm lost with the whole constructive criticism part. I hope i wasn't being derogatory but overall most of us knew some of the equipment was imported. Those who don't know that are being lied to mostly by unscrupulous dealers but that's a whole different topic. Does Feniex come right out and...
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    Proof of import

    None of those show lightbars... but i mean... you are the industry expert apparently here. As mentioned pretty much everyone knows the beacons and work lights were imported. They've never said those particular items were made in texas either. Even their dealers say these items are imported.
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    Wanted Feniex Pegasus Modules BLUE

    I just cleaned FEVER out of the red modules. All they have left is blue and white. Thankful for that ELB discount
  7. PanHandleStan

    Proof of import

    interesting that the file you are trying to get us to download is getting flagged for spyware. I'm not clicking it. we all knew the beacon wasn't made here.
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    Feniex GPL light bar rusting

    My vendor actually asked me to check some GPL's I did because he had 3 all of a sudden doing it. Mine are all ok and he said all of his other ones are ok. Said Feniex had gotten a batch of screws from a vendor that were apparently not what they were supposed to be and causing the issue. Get...
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    Wanted Cannon Foam Gaskets / Omega 5000 Faceplate

    Just found these. they have havis so they can probably get you a havis faceplate for the omega
  10. PanHandleStan

    I took my dash burger on vacation

    you are one strange man...
  11. PanHandleStan

    Wanted Apollo bracket

    FEVER just said last week they had some left via their facebook page.
  12. PanHandleStan

    Wanted Interior lightbar

    go to and message user @FEVER he gives standard 15% off for us i believe on ELB and once he sets your account you just go and order whenever you want.
  13. PanHandleStan

    Wanted Grill lights

    i just got some brand new Feniex apollos from fever that were brand new (old stock) for $43 each. They were like $69 brand new originally he might have more
  14. PanHandleStan

    Wanted Feniex 6/800 + Front bar

    Should contact @FEVER he gives a discount to all of us on ELB. I use to buy from him and sell here but the discount for ELB members is so high now its pointless
  15. PanHandleStan

    Wanted Feniex Fusion ILB, Geo 600 Stick

    email him.

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