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    Wanted Havis c-vs-1000-tah

    Looking to purchase as havis c-vs-1000-tah console insert. If you have one available please contact me.
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    For Sale Several items for sale

    Are the outer edge pillars still available?
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    For Sale Brand New Feniex Fusion 600

    Any change you can get a 800 dual color Red/Amber?
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    Various Items at Rock Bottom Pricing UPDATED

    Same issue here can not PM you! Please PM me
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    Soundoff Ghosts

    Looking for a deal on red ghosts preferably new in the box.  Looking for 2-4.  Let me know what you got.  Please PM me
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    Whelen Inner Edge Front and Rear and 4 Linz6

    Well thanks for the info..... i have one for a fusion i'm trying to selll..... but if i can just get a new base, that sounds even better
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    Whelen Inner Edge Front and Rear and 4 Linz6

    Any chance you have the housing and brackets for a 2011 GMC sierra/silverado?
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    Various Items at Rock Bottom Pricing UPDATED

    Do you still have the red ghosts?  PM me please!
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    Whelen Inneredge XLP 13-14 Fusion/Police interceptor

    Here is a link to my previous post in installs with a link to the video And a few pictures:
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    2011 silverado Whelen Inneredge XLP w/ TD's

    Looking for a 2011 silverado whelen inneredge XLP red or red/white w/ Td's
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    Whelen Inneredge XLP 13-14 Fusion/Police interceptor

    For sale is a 3 month old Whelen Inneredge XLP for a fusion/police interceptor.  Small amount of run time.  I tried out the car thing, and found out it's not for me so i'm going back to a truck.  This is the 12 head with TD's, layout is R/R/R/R/R/TD/TD/R/R/R/R/R.   No issues, again only 3 months...
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    2014 Ford Fusion Slick top

    Gated wye, that is a 3m opticom, and have had no issues with it no tripping the pre emption. The 3m works great from long distances
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    2014 Ford Fusion Slick top

    Thanks for the input guys!  The opticom and HLF is on slide 3 of my 3 position slide, once on scene I turn to 2 and only have red on.  As far as having an opticom, the department I work for, our officers have been approved by the chief to run with opticom, and members can be approved by the...
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    2014 Ford Fusion Slick top

    Here is my 2014 Ford Fusion used for Fire/EMS response to the scene and fire station. Equipment includes the following: Front: Whelen Inneredge XLP Soundoff Mini 3(Grille) 3M Pre emption Soundoff HLF Sides: Tomar Rect25's Rear: 911ep 24TWDL Future equipment: ION's or vertex in fog...

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