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    need opinion of AWL Venom Interior Bar

    What year is your F250, what’s your budget, and what’s your tint situation on the headliner? If your budget is < $200, then I would go with the venom because Tom (AWL) has a stellar reputation for standing behind the products he sells with his customer service. Universal bars never fit “just...
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    Looking for suggestions for a Dual Color Mini-Bar

    Strobes N More Millenium duo color or Feniex Fusion 180 duo color. If you haven’t already, try contacting Feniex first, and see if they’ll work with you about a replacement Fusion bar for you (warranty/upgrade from the Apollo). They have pretty decent customer service.
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    Red/blue left or right?

    I vote for red and blue (spread out) on both sides (provided that you’re allowed to do so). Red is more visible than blue under certain circumstances, and blue is more visible than red under other circumstances, so I’m personally not a fan of having all red on 1 side and all blue on the other...
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    Jeep Cherokee - EMS Admin Vehicle

    Since you said you’re permitted to run all the colors, I would strongly recommend adding red into the mix on all sides (I think it’s silly to only run blue, since blue has it limitations, especially during the daytime). I would also add a R/A fusion 2x to the rear headliner or center the B/A...
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    2014 Toyota Tundra

    Get a pair of whelen striplite plus (basically like a long T Ion) or SOS mpower fascias to put on each side of the spare tire access opening. They’ll be hidden under the tailgate & I think they’re better (brighter & less conspicuous) than the fusions on the LP
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    2014 Toyota Tundra

    Looks good, but I think the rear LP lights and front-facing bumper lights are unnecessary and will look tacky.... the LP lights are not needed b/c you have the tail gator & the front-facing bumper lights aren’t needed b/c you already have upper & lower grill warning I’d have a pair (instead of...
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    Rate my future install

    Don’t go with the Geo....go with the fusion or a better light bar. Feniex makes decent products, but the output of the “economical” Geo series has not impressed me. If you do with fusion, so with a combination of 40 & 180 Optics for the front ILB, and go just with 40 optics for the rear. I...
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    Weatherproof Avenger

    I would avoid doing that and just choose a dedicated exterior light. Although it’s not as much of an issue with an avenger as it would be scene lights that require large heat syncs, I’d still be considering what Jared pointed out (about the heat question) and moisture getting trapped in it.
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    Advice on minimal upfit for admin vehicle.

    Having 1/2 of your front warning lights so low down (fog area) sounds like a waste and ineffective IMHO. Why don’t you just get a dedicated aftermarket fog light kit (for steady white only) and put 4 Red/Blue mpowers in the grill for warning (and cruise)?
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    Updating rear lights what to use?

    The mpowers are only an inch tall and 1/2 inch depth, so u can fit them anywhere, and ppl aren’t going to be looking for those tiny holes in the tailgate, but you can easily LP mount them. The M4’s to the rear or sides of the tool box would be a nice option without drilling into the body...
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    Updating rear lights what to use?

    I honestly think you’re putting in too much thought into this one...just sync 4 rear exterior lightheads to a slow alternating flash pattern and call it a day. Don’t worry about external flashers for the factory lights or flashers with multiple settings/speeds for the 4 light heads. The goal is...
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    SAR recommendations

    I’m not a fan of the visor lights. Nowadays, dash lights are so low profile (around 2” tall) that you can mount them out of the way and not have to worry about flipping the visor down when needed....behind the RVM is ideal, centered dash works, or passenger side headliner is an option. AWL...
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    AWL bar issue

    Why do you just post here in the Visual section, instead of contacting Tom & putting something in the feedback section, instead?? I do not know Tom personally, but I can tell you that Tom has a reputation for standup customer service here. The first “issue” you had with the bar was...
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    2003 Hond Civic POV Project

    Lighting looks pretty good, but I just made a tweak to your side/intersection warning and added slim grill light (since budget is limited, I would say to add the grill lights last when $ permits) Red 2x mounted on driver side beneath visor w/ permanent mount kit Blue 2x mounted on passenger...
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    FDNY Battalion Truck

    This one doesn’t have a light tower (and those are usually self-contained)...just the freedom and the TA. It looks like a housing containing an enhanced vehicle modem for their MDTs and wiring for the multiple antennas

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