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    ID Help need, RE: Fire service insignia

    Here's some interesting reading I found, but the site had no pictures for this part. "The olive branch is symbolic of peace; the palm leaf, of victory; the laurel wreath, of excellence." Source: Which lead...
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    ID Help need, RE: Fire service insignia

    Yes, correct. It is from a badge seal. But do you have anything to show where you gathered that from? A source? Just curious.
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    ID Help need, RE: Fire service insignia

    Is there any significance to the "floral" design or decorative border to this seal? I know most everything in the fire service uniform realm has historical significance or tradition so just trying to see where this fits? I've seen it on several colors of seals for badges. Anyone know?
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    Vintage Whelen WS-224 siren

    Here's a video I made of one of mine a few years ago.
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    Cruise lights on local small town unit.

    High profile patrol, basically. The opposite of sneaking, without all of the siezureiffic stuff.
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    Whelen 8000, clear domes

    Perty!!! Always wanted an 8000 with clear domes. Not easy to find, either. Love the sound of 8000, too!
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    The Mars Light Bug

    Very nice. That ones a keeper for sure! One of these days I'll get mine restored. One of these days. . .
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    J. Duke's home demolished by EF-4 Tornado

    Hello eLb, long time no see! Hope you all are well. It's been awhile. As some of you may or may not know, our friend, and fellow eLb'er, J. Duke (Justin Duke) of Canton, Texas lost his home on 4/30/2017 to an EF-4 tornado. Justin and his bride of three months, Ariel, were not home at the time...
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    Rural department's fire sale

    Me likey that clear 8000!!!
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    Hey Guys, remember me?

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    Wanted Code 3 lenses + New Whelen LEDs - Quote needed

    Looking for Code 3 lenses of the following flavors: T02272 "3x7" Also called 40 series Looking for (2) red T02272 "3x7" Also called 40 series Looking for (2) blue or T0232x "9x7" (Octagon shaped) lenses in BLUE The part numbers were taken off of RED lenses so may not be all correct. I'm not...
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    For Sale Whelen Smoke Alarm

    Whelen Smoke Alarm (complete with strobe light of course!) Uses A/C power $65 shipped (Paypal)
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    For Sale Whelen Freez Alarm

    WhelenFreez Alarm. Like new in the box, has been opened and DEMO'd before. Includes extra bulb. In great shape. Will be shipped in this box (as it was to me year ago). If this is a problem, we can make arrangements. $60 shipped. (Paypal)
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    I'm in the mood to clear some stuff. Deals inside! Whelen + Pimp Pods

    Justice modules sold and removed. 
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    Cats Eye No. 14

    Living in Louisiana, I've always heard about folks having a one eyed dog, but never a cat's eye! 

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