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    Wanted Federal Signal Traffic Clearing Light aka Meteor Light gear

    I have one but would only like to trade for a Code3 Stinger(par36), Mars 888 mechanics or equivalent.
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    Wanted Help me mark stuff off my wish list....

    I've got a PH blue rotor that I'd like to trade
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    Q sirens?

    pm send
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    Q sirens?

    I'm looking forward to the pic and maybe the opertunity to take ...
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    Wanted Whelen Edge 1985 Power Supply

    looks great. Did you make a wire diagram of the powersupply ?? If so it would be nice to post it.
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    Wanted Whelen Edge 1985 Power Supply

    This is how mine looks:
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    Wanted Code 3 LP Stationary Light

    eBay item number: 264400189804
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    Wanted Code 3 Force 4XL lenses/end caps - blue

    Do you have items to trade ?
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    Wanted Whelen Light Bulb

    The simple option is taking an old Edge9000 series alley light or take down assy apart, like this one for example: alley assy Prob can be found cheaper too. It's a very sweet unit. Video : > oscillator
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    Wanted Federal Fireball 2 Amber or Clear Dome

    is the search for a clear FBII dome still active ? I have 1 available for trade.
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    Wanted Iso federal signal vista parts/complete

    that's ok, pm me with an offer.
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    Wanted Federal Signal Streethawk and Vista Domes

    I have some blue vista domes, like to trade for clear twinsonic's
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    Wanted Iso federal signal vista parts/complete

    I have a set of blue Vista (rotor) outer domes, would like to trade for clear Twin domes but would sell to if needed.

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